To Play Again or Not To Play Again?

I had no desire to play TWDS1 twice. I was satisfied with my choices and watched my husband play with very different choices - but there wasn't much difference in the results.

I'm tempted with TWAU. Do you think the choices we make will have that much of a difference on the game? The description specifically states that we have more freedom in this game.


  • Typically, the choices gain impact with each episode but it depends on what your expectations are, which for some are quite high. I always replay. I played the game three times already because I like seeing the different choices and outcomes.

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    The first Ep of TWAU actually has some really good choices, I recommend replaying that. Unfortunately the next episode falters in that category, with most dialog choices not even affecting what is said next. I would choose depending on how much you like hearing the same dialog over and over lol :D.

  • I'm not expecting a dramatically different ending, but maybe just a slightly bigger difference during gameplay? I'm a realist, I know that we can't deviate too far from a central story. It'd be impossible to make.

  • Replay it, You will enjoy it besides you could always come across something you didn't notice the first time and this game has great replay value

  • Yes, it's worth a replay. Not major differences like with first episode, but still fun.

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  • My taughts are that it worths.Good luck playing it twice!

  • ...Are you serious?It says at the beginning of the game that the story is tailored by how you play.So,obviously,if you play it a different way,you will get a different story.This is what TellTale's about!I played TWD and TWAU more than at least 5 times and i got some different reactions from other characters and shit.Just play it again already!!!

  • I've got two playthroughs running now with some differing choices (Dee and the Woodsman respectively) and I really want to see how it pans out. Doing different plays will get you more content and unlock more achievements and Book of Fables entries. I only played TWD once too, but with TWAU it doesn't feel any less genuine, since the only things I've changed are the major choices so far. But I'm not going to have one with a totally different Bigby, because I don't think that would be as rewarding than if I played it genuinely and onyl changing the "one-or-the-other" major decisions

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