I'm back everyone from break. Here's my Review for The Wolf Among Us part 2 Smoke & Mirrors :)

Last time on TWAU we learn that someone killed Faith and Snow. After finding out what happened to them Bigby got upset. Bigby went everywhere to look for the suspects. Someone told him to go to the bar. Bigby was looking for the Woodsman because he was the last one who was with Faith. Woodsman is arrested Dee if you choose him. The story continues in part 2.

Here's my review for The Wolf Among Us part two:

Takes place after the events in episode 1. The story begins when Bigby is being interrogated by the Mundy police. Bigby will give the police a difficult time depending if you Bigby is mean or not. Soon we learn that Crane does some type of mind thing on the police to stun or kill the police.

I won't tell the whole story but I'll have to say it is very good and was worth the wait. All I will say is it is 80% chance Crane is the person involved with the murders you will see why. Also look at the screen for episode 3. Bigby is chasing Crane's car. Now back to the review for story.

The voice acting is superb and loved every scene in it. Dave Fennoy and Bigby's voice actor did great too :). I like how they gave us the decisions to whoop someone's ass or be a complete crazy wolf. The intro was funny as ever. Bigby looked crazy XD.

For all the immature pervs out there you will defiantly enjoy this episode's third half. Naked bodies everywhere and music lol. This part of the chapter is crazy, funny, and insane. You get a chance to whoop some butt while getting information out.

Oh you will also be shocked and happy to see a very loved character return to the case in this episode, so be ready :).

Playing this game feels like your playing Law and Order/ La Noire. This makes fans want to become detectives and cops one day. I loved this chapter it was very intense, graphic, pleasing, and insane. It ended at a good place for episode 3.


Depending on what you play on mine is ps3 you will get lag still. There was still plenty of lag but that did not stop me from playing at all. The new fight system is like The Walking Dead game and might be difficult for some to get used to for now. There is one confusing puzzle in this episode that almost made me get my computer and search how to do it. After a while I finally figured the puzzle out and did not need my computer.

Regardless of the lag and puzzle the game play is original and still amazing just needs time to get used to for some. I like how you can interact with the environment and pick up important items. When you questioning people and looking for clues that's the best part. I made a nice Bigby so I did not punch or glass Woodsman. Well I accidentally punched him and that was it. I also did not punch or destroy the pimps stuff.

The subtitle's and words could be difficult to read sometime. I usually have to go up to my tv to see what the words are and turn tv up. Instead of having different subtitle colors for characters they could have just left it white and big so people can read the words. Same thing happened in Max Payne 3 the words were to small to read XD. Also the choices to make were too hard to read too especially when your on a time limit. I just wish we had a bit more seconds to read the choices. The meter goes so fast that players have to choose random choice they may have not wanted. Would anyone agree with me that they should take out the choice limit meter and just let us choose our choices without being timed? I know the limit meter adds to the suspense to the game but do we really need it? It does not give players enough time to read all the choices lol. I accidentally punched Woodsman because of it lol.


Every single character just keeps getting better and intense. I was a bit sad when we had to interrogate TJ. He's a little boy who didn't mean any harm and is innocent. Wow Bluebeard was awesome and don't take nobody's shyt. Dave did a great job. The characters are all lovable and you never get tired of interacting with them. Some of the character will piss you off for the things they do but you never really dislike them. The character make you want to learn more about them and read the comics. Each character makes you question why did they do what they did.

The Verdict:

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 was worth the wait and very intense. This episode makes you want to replay again and you never get bored of it. There are some WTF moments in this episode as well as things that may be uncomfortable to watch. If you have children around I advise you to not play it near them. The lag continues to haunt the game and a confusing puzzle in this episode. The characters and voice actors once again did a fabulous job on the characters. The fighting system may be confusing for some and the limit meter for choices is a bit annoying but not a huge problem. The chapter ended at a good place for episode 3. There is some nude in this chapter so please be mature about it. The chapter ends with questions like: Why did she/he do that?, Is he/she the killer?, what will happen next?, why was Bluebeard in the basement when he was supposed to be on vacation? etc. This episode gets you excited for the next episode. Regardless of the lag, fighting system, and limit meter for choices the story was very thought out. We want to welcome Dave Fennoy AKA Lee for coming to this story. Notice Dave's playing as another convicted suspect lol. Crane is a complete idiot for what he did in the beginning and end of this chapter. This is a very great game to play while we wait for The Walking Dead game episode 7 to come out :).

9/10 score from Jill :). If you didn't buy the pass for this game yet you need to. Trust me you will not be disappointed. If you love detective stories with, crime, murder, killing, drama etc this is for you. You don't have to like being a detective to play this game at all. Rated M for Mature so please be advised get the children out the room. Oh fans will be happy to know a lovable character from episode 1 returns in this episode :)


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