Why did more people rip Gren's arm off than punch Beast when he was down?

I don't understand why more people ripped Gren's arm off than punch Beast while he was down. I think it's worst to rip someone's arm off rather than punch someone when they're down. They both also started the fight with Bigby so what makes them different? What made you show more mercy to Beast than Gren?



  • Good question. I didn't do either. I kinda try to play based on what I would do in real life. At least the first time through. I'm no angel, I pushed my witness to talk. I'd be interested in seeing what people say.

  • My guess is that a lot of people were angrier with Gren because up to that point in the episode he had been extremely combative and antagonistic toward Bigby. I think for some people it was like "you asked for this!" You know.

    Beast, on the other hand, kind of came across as a nice guy and just concerned in episode one. They really try to focus on the fact that he's losing it because of how jealous he is. Of course, he still attacked you first, but maybe more players felt like he was just out of control so they didn't want to kick him while he was down.

  • Personally I did not rip his arm off, nor did I hit Beast again, but if I were to guess I'd say it might be because Gren ticked off a lot of players and was perceived as an asshole by a lot of people, while Beast's predicament is easier to understand and people sympathized with him. Everyone knows he's crazy about his wife, and Bigby showing up in a shady hotel with her definitely didn't look good.

    I didn't even want to hit him once, but when I tried to fail the quick time event I got a game over screen lol.

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  • well,I didn't hit beast the second time when he was down,and didn't broke off gren's arm either,I just feel physical violence can only be done when it's necessary

  • I beat him when he was down, but I shouldn't have. There are some people I don't want to intimidate.

  • Beast was upset. He shouldn't have flown off the handle like he did but he'd just seen his wife, who has spent goodness knows how long sneaking off alone at night, being followed into a motel room by another guy. I'd pop a gasket for sure.

    Gren, on the other hand, was just looking for a fight.

  • My thinking is that Gren was more upset for not a legitimate reason while Beast was and you could sympathize with Beast. Plus, you being Bigby, Bigby knew Beauty and Beast, they were friends and as the player, you sense that friendship while Gren was just another grunt looking for a fight

  • You also can't get the last Episode 1 Fables book/achievement if you don't rip Grendel's arm off. Many people probably went back and did it just for that.

  • Well for one Gren was purposefully bothering Bigby, despite seeing how distressed he was probably getting. In my first play throughs I play logically, I'm nice and try to do the best, but in the second plays I act more correctly and bolder. In my first play I didn't rip it off but I considered it. In my second play I hesitated but did it. I felt like I didn't want to deal with being considered like such an outsider as Bigby and wanted to show them I'm not to be pushed around and played with. Therefor I ripped his arm straight off. I'm continuing my second play through on the second episode soon and I plan on hitting him. But Beast wasn't looking for a fight, just the woman he loves. And yeah, he acted out of line by attacking first but you won't think rationally seeing the one thing your tied to tying to someone else you trusted and had a mutual understanding with. It's like having everything he was sure about doubted. I feel bad for him but It not his fault. Gren deserved my wrath because he got involved in something not including him and was only a thorn in my side, then he chose to involve others despite warnings.

  • Gren was being a dick, starting the fight for no reason and getting in the way of a murder investigation. But the fight with Beast was all just a misunderstanding and Beast did always come across as a nice guy while Gren did not. But i didn't do either.

  • It probably didn't help that Been insulted Snow.

  • Because some people want to play in a different way.Or maybe just enjoy being bad.

  • It wasn't for no reason...

    Gren made it perfectly clear that he was fed up with the system and everyone who enforces it.

  • I did one playthrough where I ripped off Grendel's arm, though it's not my primary file. I did it mostly because I appreciated the literary reference...

  • Because Beast had a good reason to attack Bigby while Gren was being a dick from the start and talking smack. I'd tear his head off if he pissed me off more.

  • You know, being "bad" for someone is being themselves. That is why the game offers a rich choice in what you can do. Gren was asking for it to be honest and if he was in your position he probably would've tear off your arm.

  • The only reason why I didn't tear Gren's arm off was because of Snow and I remember her words of being nice and when the Woodsman said: "That's enough." I kind of heard Snow's words. They have to be damn grateful to that woman. I'd wipe the floor with their heads if it wasn't for Snow White.

  • Beast was a friend, plus his wife was begging Bigby not to hurt him. I can understand not wanting to just beat someone for no reason in front of their wife.

  • Because a lot more players were unwilling to see Gren's POV. Even though it was completely understandable.

  • Yeah,but some people just do it to see how the story varies.That's what i was saying.

  • I definitely saw his point of view but he should learn the adage that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, lol

  • .... and then there's the tiny aspect for quite a large portion of players that Beast is a well-known and rather fan-favorite character from the original comics, so most people don't feel like being that dickish toward him.

  • Except that's a load of crap in this case. The system doesn't actually help anyone who doesn't have money or status. Even in the motel Beauty said that she tried to get help, but they didn't do anything.

  • Because Beauty was present ofcourse.

  • Gren: "That bitch Snow White" that was enough for me. And of course "Lap Dog" too. And, he tried to kill Bigby.

  • Grendel was being a huge asshole, so some players think he had it coming. Beast, on the other hand, was just riled up by his own misunderstanding.

  • He wasnt helping being openly hostile. All he did was antagonize Bigby.

  • Who wouldn't be hostile in his position? He and his friends receive no help from the system, yet Bigby just rolls in for a shakedown. That would irritate the hell out of me too.

  • Because beast didn't know right or wrong. And he had every right too aswell.. I didn't hit beast and I tried to not. But I accidentally poked his eyes and that made me want to rage quit.. but he's better now seeing which like made me feel alot better lol

    where as for gren, he's an asshole.

  • With Beast it was just a misunderstanding and players already know how devoted he is to his wife, so there was justification for his actions, and so to punch him was unnecessary. For me, he was already subdued and I thought Bigby was in a position to restrain him if he tried anything, so a punch wasn't needed.
    With Gren, I didn't tear his arm off (Thought that was a little Over the top), but I can understand why. He was launching an unprovoked attack, seriously wanted to kill Bigby and quite frankly it would seem like poetic justice, since he was really asking for it. Also, he is hardly a friendly character and he did insult Snow, which judging by most people's posts was a strong reason

  • Yeah I agree with you. Gren called snow a bitch.. so yeah anyone that likes her would want to make him pay for that. I personally played the game both episode 1 and 2 multiple times to get all possible combinations/endings and I still prefer to rip Gren's arm off, now snow dislikes the beast inside bigby so I am trying not to be such an awesome boss character just so I can get bigby a chance with snow as I don't want to make her hate him. The things we do to make our women happy..

    But yeah I didn't beat the crap out of beast yet as I mean come on that would be a dick move. If any of us were beast we would do the same shit he did as who would want their wife going into a run down motel room with another man.. even if they weren't doing anything sexual or anything like that how the hell would we know? If we just see them going into a motel room with another man we would jump to conclusions and flip out. At least if we actually have feelings for our wife that is.
    Example: when I thought snow was dead I beat the shit out of the prisoners and started acting like a total boss and intimidating everyone, but yeah when I found out she was alive I kinda calmed down and went back to being a good boy for her..

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    Two different people with two different circumstances.

    I was peacefully talking to the Woodsman in the bar when Gren got all up in my face. That type of confrontation needed an ultimate outcome. Think of it as a way to prevent any future entanglements with the guy if at all possible.

    Beast was a simple misunderstanding on the situation so I could see his side. I only needed to go so far as to bring him down enough to prove what was going on and why I was there.

    In the I'm playing the type of Bigby who will rip your head off (or arm) hen needed right along with being forgiving and understanding depending on the situation presented.

  • Same. Did my best to get through that scene hitting beast as little as possible.

  • i didn't rip his arm cus i felt like he had enough but i punched beast hoping that that would make the fight longer

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  • When I was offered a chance to rip Gren's arm off, it surprised me. Up until that point, I had no idea which fairy tale character Gren was. The it hit me: "Gren" is actually Grendel, the antagonist from the popular Medieval epic Beowulf. Beowulf is the story of a hero of the same name who visits a friend who happens to be the king of a nearby land. When Beowulf arrives, he learns that the king's great hall is attacked each night by a large and vicious monster named Grendel. Beowulf kills Grendel by ripping off his arm with his bare hands. He later goes on to kill the beast's mother and ultimately dies trying to defend his own land from a dragon many years later.

    Essentially, I ripped Gren's arm off because I thought it was the most appropriate thing to do given the story. And besides, Gren was being a total douche while Beast was just stupid. Besides, I also didn't want to cause beauty any more pain than absolutely necessary.

  • I actually love his character. It's very easy to just think of him as an arsehole, but every point he makes is completely valid.

  • This is a very silly question and the answer should be completely obvious.

    Gren was an asshole and Beast was friendly.

  • Im just saying if he wanted help, that wasnt the way to get it. He was just venting at that point.

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