• In addition, the black market thingy is in Bigby's possession, so Crane has a different one with him at the end of the episode when it shows "Next time on". Perhaps Crane isn't Crane?

  • if you hit beast second time, beauty just starts to scream, nothing else.

  • Someone is no doubt trying to set up Crane. He was most likely the perverted Mr Smith who loved to live out his snow white fantasy on a regular basis. But someone who smokes has got dirt on what he's done and went so far as to kill Lilly and make Crane look like the culprit.

    • it does look like a massive attempt at framing Crane. It has been confirmed by comic readers that Crane did have a thing for Snow and left due to accusations of embezzlement and sexual harassment (presumably of Snow), so I think we're gonna be finding Crane very soon

  • One more thing, the wine bottle in room 207 is the same (brand) as the one Bufkin swiped from Crane's desk and was chugging on in episode 1. So was it Crane or someone else? It's very confusing at this point.

    • they looked the same but I doubt they were definitely the same. Crane said he would get it himself and he would have had plenty of time to get it. There was a similar thing with the guns in The Walking Dead, that there was only one or two different gun models used

    • I think Crane is Mr. Smith and that he visited the prostitute on a regular basis. But that aside, someone is trying to frame him for the murder, no doubt about it.

  • Seems if slide 3 was changed to remove the detectives, it's possible the detective story line got cut. We only saw the tiny bit in episode 2 because they had to put in something due to the end of episode 1. Telltale kind of shot themselves in the foot with that story line in that regard. Seems they decided to go in another direction but couldn't cut it entirely due to what we already saw.

    Crazy theory, but maybe "Crane" is a glamoured Tweedle Dum explaining why he wouldn't want to use violence on Dee. We also never see both at the same time. Or "Crane" is a glamoured Crooked Man. I doubt Crane is really Crane. Makes you suspicious of everyone now that it's out of the bag that anyone can appear as anyone else.

    The girl at the door did have a ribbon as did Nerissa. Georgie had one on his hat. So possible all of them are being controlled by someone higher.

    I stole Georgie's money and gave that to Nerissa to pay him. Thought that was pretty funny. It's possible Georgie gave up the key in any scenario to have something to blackmail Bigby with later. Bigby "hired" one of his girls for the night? Scandal! Georgie could've given up the key to just get rid of Bigby in the moment as well. Or "Crane" told him to give Bigby the key.

    I took the black officer hugging the prostitute as tipping his hat to Bigby (I.E. showing respect), not trying to hide his face. Bigby was heading to the same building so the officer took Bigby as another customer and acknowledged him. Prostitution is illegal in the US. The officer could've just arrested Bigby but instead acknowledged they were doing the same thing (or seemed to be doing the same thing) and wanted to show he was friendly.

    Beauty works at a slutty hotel. She didn't want to work there but really had no other options. You think she'd really pay attention to who came in and out? She was there to work the desk. She likely kept her head down 95% of the time. So not surprising she wouldn't remember seeing anything because she didn't. Seems if you get the keys while at the club next door, then there's no reason for Beauty to work the desk outside of customer service and getting the keys back when the customers are done. She probably also sat in her little room wearing headphones or something so she didn't hear the thumping upstairs. Possible she heard the murder but mistook it as something else. You can hear the one couple in room 203 and even walk in on them (resulting in a rather funny scene). They were pretty loud. Imagine 2-3 couples or a rather rowdy one up there. Surely there was a reason for that couple to be there beyond causing Wolfie to embarrass himself. The murder could've happened when all of the other rooms were in use thus covering any sound of the murder.

    Seven is often considered a lucky number for some people and is often a magic number in other things. Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, a person has to repeat something seven times to remember it (supposedly), etc. So no real surprise there's a 7 theme. I tend to have a 3 and a 7 one going in my own writing. I don't tend to do it consciously, either. They just happen. So could just be coincidental or it could be something major.

    We saw the Tweedles smoke cigars, but so far they're the only other ones we know of (if you don't read the comics) that seem to smoke. It's very possible the smoker is someone in relation to Bigby or is known to him but he has forgotten.

    The photo envelope was under the rug by the window poking out a little (in my game anyway). It was obviously placed there. The image of Crane in bed with Lily was too suspicious. If you've seen Roger Rabbit, the detective in the movie similarly took an incriminating photo of Jessica Rabbit with the mayor playing patty cake. It's not Crane who's the murder but likely whoever the photographer was. Maybe the photographer snapped the photo, somehow knocked both out, killed Lily, slipped the pictures under the carpet to frame Crane, took Crane elsewhere while dropping Lily in the river and at the Woodlands, and then took Crane's place. Why would Crane set up a camera and take a picture of himself? And the angle suggests it was taken from the window.

    • you bring up some good points there, but I'm still suspicious about the cop. Georgie could be trying to blackmail Bigby, especially with the preview confirming Bigby visits the club again, but I'm not sure Bigby would be too fazed about being falsely accused of hiring prostitutes, since he has bigger skeletons in his closet. It's hugely unlikely Crane knew about the taken photo, so could be assumed the photographer was either the killer or accomplice, or even someone trying to blackmail Crane. The whole thing about a glamoured Crane is a bit strange though. The vial was purposefully shown for people to see and speculate about, but I'm not sure about Crane not being Crane. When Crane smashes the Mirror, you know that he is very upset about the photo being found, with him clenching his fist, but it can't be assumed this theory is wrong. And I was thinking of knocking on that door in the hotel but I thought best not to. And the whole Beauty thing is also strange. You bring up some good points, but she did at least see Lily/Snow, but then again they could have entered at different times. Thanks for the discussion

    • The photo looked like it had been taken in the magic mirror to me, which narrows the suspects down to only those who have access to the business office while Crane is out. Those we know of (so far) are Bufkin (who never seems to leave), Bigby, Snow, and probably Bluebeard, as we see him looking very comfortable and pleased with himself in the preview to 3.

  • WOW!!!
    I love the game too someguy but you actually married it.

  • Yeah everyone at the whorehouse has such ribbon. Some people even think it's the cause of the decapitation, like an electric leash that dogs can wear.

    Also something else to note is that the bottle which was found in episode 1 on Crane's desk is also the one you can examine in the murder room. This means Crane would most likely have been there at some point.

    • Bufkin stole the wine. He also has access to Snow and Crane, and an intimate knowledge of the workings of the business office. We've never seen Bufkin's human form, but doesn't mean he couldn't have one. Maybe Bufkin did it?

      • I'd be honestly shocked if Bufkin had anything to do with the murders. The comics show him to be an active member of the community and...well he's a flying drunk monkey! How can you suspect anyone so lovable and awesome?

        • I thought of that. While examining the body, he mentions anyone with access to the right books could make a glamour. Bufkin is the librarian, he could easily have access to the necessary info. He stole Cranes wine, as RustyEnglish said, and he could be doing it because he doesn't think he will be suspected, as you just said you wouldn't!

  • When you examine Lilly´s body, Crane says "What about diseases?". Maybe he Is scared that he has AIDS or something?

  • If you give Faith your money you will find it in the strip club along with geogie book

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