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In the next episode "A House Divided".....

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Who do you think is going to die from the group Clementine "joined"? It happened to almost everyone in the last season, so who and how would he/she die? You can make it up.

  • Carlos first, not quite sure how but with him around Sarah can have no story progression.

    Alvin has nothing to make us care at all yet and we dont like rebecca so we need at least some time with both to have an impact.

    Everyone else I'm not sure

  • It would probably depend on choice. I saved Pete so I speculate that we will come across Nick's dead corpse later on. It might even be walking.

    But then again we never see him die so it's open for opportunities.

  • Rebecca is in episode 3 slide. Luke and Sarah I think will last longer, so probably Alvin or Carlos, and the person you saved(Nick,Pete) but I hope that Telltale doesn't pull that again like they did with Doug and Carley.

  • Luke for sure. Why? Cause i like him. And telltale kills everyone i like... :(

  • Rebbecca or carlos - i just know that pinky sware is gonna bight me in the ass.

  • Carlos or Luke. I saved Nick so I hope he lasts long. Alvin will die soon and while I REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLLLY don't want it to happen, I suspect Rebecca will die of child birth in Episode 3.

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    Carlos could die causing Sarah to break down and "cease to function", Rebecca could go into labor near the end and without a doctor it could be harder to deliver the baby without his help, because of Christa's baby Clementine might have helped her give birth (even if it was dead or died after birth) and will now need to help Rebecca in Episode 3 and she might also need to look after traumatized Sarah.

  • Pete or Nick, whoever we saved. I have a feeling Carver's group will attack the cabin and the person we saved will stay behind and hold Carver & co back, because Pete will slow them down/Nick has nothing left to lose.

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