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Save file not working

posted by JACOBcze BANNED on - Viewed by 222 users

Hi, I completed season 1, having all my choices correct there, but when I improt it in season 2, it shows me I didn't kill the first brother and that I cuffed Lee, which is incorrect. Anyone has idea whats the problem?

You just click STAHNOUT, fill in captcha and click STAHNOUT again.


  • have the same problem here :(

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      Well I guess I came out as best as I could. I mean cuffing Lee was complete nonsense and I have no idea why 80% people did it. But I regreted Clem saw me kill the first brother, don't get me wrong, I would kill him every day, but not if Clementine's watching.

      Actually found 3rd wrong thing, which is actually quite interesting. At the kidnapper I got rid of my walkie-talkie and then he asked me if that's it. I gave him everything, but at the end the game told me I KEPT HOLD OF SOMETHING... which is weird, in previously I see Lee jumping at him, which didn't happen - but had to, if I kept hold of something...

      Guess it would be cool, if Telltale told us how to alter our choices from first season. I mean if people want to cheat - do it, you fuck the game for yourself. But us bugged people would really used that.

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