Do Fables age?

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I know it's not a necessary topic but I saw some strips of the Fables comic and noticed that Bigby looks mmmm.... somewhat different in the comic. Or is he really just made to look better on the game?


  • He's just designed to look more appealing in the game.And,as for the question,they do.But it depends on their popularity with the mundies.For example,everybody knows the Big Bad Wolf,so he ages very slowly.You understand?

  • Just made to look better in the game.

    Some fables age, some fables not. Like snow, she never.

  • I don't recall any Fables actually aging in the comic. The popularity only effects their durability and even that's debatable according to Totenkinder.

  • Goldilocks and Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ are visibly older.

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    Yeah, but compared to what? "The mundy versions"? Remember that our versions of their stories aren't 100% accurate. Goldilocks was already old enough to sleep with Boo Bear when she first met the 3 bears. So she wasn't the "little girl" we know from the book.

  • I suppose you have a point about Goldy but we did see Dorothy as a little girl and later comics have her as a grown woman.

  • Yeah, and we see Bigby as a tiny pup and then he stopped aging at a certain point. Same with snow and her sister as little girls.

  • Any reasons as to why some Fables don't age?

  • Debatable? So there may be another reason why Fables age?

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    I had the same question as you so I made a thread about it ages ago. Here is the link to all the answers I was given.

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    You know, I don't know if Willingham has ever gone into it. But, I've always had a little theory. Perhaps they aged (though at a much slower rate compared to mundanes) while they were in the Homelands. Maybe when they came to the mundane world they were frozen at the age that they were when they got here?

    That would explain why characters like Jack, Snow, Rose, and others are sometimes portrayed as children in their Homelands flashbacks, but when they are in the mundane world they manage to stay in their 20's or 30's for hundreds of years. Or why some characters like King Cole are noticeably older. I don't know. I think Ozma and Frau Totenkinder and maybe a few other characters are special cases because of how strong their magic is, though.

    We have seen that any children that the Fables have in the mundane world do age, though. To a point at least. Again, I have absolutely nothing official to back that up. That's just how I made the whole thing make sense in my head when I was reading the books. I'm sure there are holes in my theory. :p

    (By the way, OP, I think the differences in Bigby mostly boil down to different art styles and the vision of whoever is drawing him.)

  • Oh, well, DC should've made him look like the TWAU version by default instead. So they physically age slowly but they grow older at some point? Is that what you mean?

  • I think that is a good theory and Bigby is also a special case since he's half god.

  • No, I mean the popularity linking to durability is debatable. According to Totenkinder at least.

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