Huff & Puff

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Just thought it would be worth it to point out the brand that Bigby is smoking. Actually made me laugh!


  • I thought it was clever, very fitting considering Bigby and who he is.

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    Alt text Okay,just kidding.Yeah,i noticed.I wonder if Bigby's being the only one smoking them is a hyperbole.I mean,it's Huff & Puff!You gotta dig that name.You seen that scene in episode 2?Bigby inspects the Cola machine."Ehh,that shit'll kill you.",proceeds smoking.

  • Sounds like Hufflepuff from Harry Potter

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    Like for the Harry Potter reference.Alt text

    SaltLick305 posted: »

    Sounds like Hufflepuff from Harry Potter

  • Like for the Awesome Gif

    Phyre posted: »

    Like for the Harry Potter reference.

  • If you walk up to a vending machine before meeting beauty in episode 2 he'll say "this stuff will kill you" when looking at the cola etc, while he takes a puff from his cigarette. Clever message.

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