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Importance of Pete's advice: What Roles might Clementine have to play within her and other groups?

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Advice isn't given lightly in The Walking Dead.

At the very beginning of season 1 we are given two very important pieces of advice: the first is from Herschel: be careful who you lie to and about what, because you will have to rely on the trust and honesty of your fellow people to survive.

From Kenny in the same scene we got the second most crucial piece of advice: 'taking care' of Clementine isn't just about keeping her safe: Lee will have to act as a parental figure and role model for Clementine: not just a protector.

In season 2, the only advice we have been given so far is 'be careful of wild animals' (then Sam attacks us) and Pete's advice.

Pete's advice was this: Sometimes you have to play a role, even if that means the people you love, hate you for it.

My question to you all: what potential future roles might this allude to for Clementine, or other characters? Perhaps Pete's statement might actually allude to the the future actions of other characters instead of Clementine.

  • I think clementine may have to choose a side between Kenny or cabin group. The only people that may be still alive that clementine truly cares about is Kenny or Christa. So if Pete advice really matters then he is saying that you might have to go against Kenny judgement. I think we are going to see a different Kenny than the one in season one. Season two Kenny is going to be harden because everyone that he knows is dead. That just my thought.

  • We also got advice from Chuck to treat Clementine like a living person.

  • You'll have to play a role in trying to present the brutal truth of the new world to Sarah, despite Carlos being against it and hating the crap out of you for it.

    Maybe Clem will see some of her old helpless self in Sarah and feel bad for her. I do think Clem would try to help the best she can. She doesn't seem the type who'd just abandon Sarah to be sheltered by her father. Not after what Lee and Chuck taught her.

    At least, that's what I figured.

  • Sometimes you have to play a role, even if that means the people you love, hate you for it.

    Rebecca going into labour, maybe? Rebecca hates Clem, but Clem will probably be helping her when the time comes.

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