• WTF!!!!! I just played my other file and it changed a fundamental decision. I have two files, one to be nice and I chose to save Lawrence and capture the Woodsman. The other is to be mean, let Lawrence die and capture Dee. MY FIRST FILE IS GONE. But it hasn't disappeared. Same picture as I left it and everything, but upon revisiting it apparently it changed completely! What the hell is this? I've never seen such a modern day game have so many issues, especially one with so much love behind it. This is unbelievably disgraceful. Hell, older PS1 games functioned better than this. At least my save files didn't get changed or corrupted!

    Now I have to completely play it over to get what I had before. All that wasted time as I had played each episode through multiple times to see everything I could...I might as well wait until the last 3 episodes are released just so this crap doesn't happen again. Why should I care if I have to wait many months and my save gets screwed up anyway. This was my first game by Telltale. I got involved because of the hype of the Walking Dead version. I'm already invested in this story, but I will not be buying anything further from Telltale. It would have to be an absolutely spectacular story to make me come back to this company.

    I'm really upset here.

  • what platform are you playing on? try contacting them about it

    • I'm playing on the PS3. Thanks for that advice. I didn't think of it for some reason. Do you think there is a way to switch platforms? I heard the PC version is much better.

      • well it's pretty much built for PC, I've played on iphone and there are some issues. But as far as I'm aware the PC version is the best, and unfortunately you will have to buy the PC version separately, no switching.

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