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How to change avatar?

posted by Vegetto on - Viewed by 716 users

You may call me dumb but i dont know how :D I mean i know how to use generic ttg avatar but i have seen people with their own avatar so can you tell me please how?

  • There is this thing called "Gravatar"

    You go to your settings and choose the "G" looking thing. You click the link and create a Gravatar account (MAKE SURE YOUR GRAVATAR AND TELLTALE EMAIL ARE THE SAME, CAPS AND ALL!)

    You can figure it out from there.

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      Yup, this sounds about right.

      Also, I am moving this to General Chat.

    • Dosent work i created the gravatar acc with my gmail and selected a picture and it didint give me an avatar

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        Blind Sniper Moderator

        I've heard it takes a short while for the pic to be approved. I do not use Gravatar myself though so I can't speak from experience.

      • Exactly as Ohyoupokedme instructed, make certain of the identicalness of both email addresses between your Telltale Games and Gravatar accounts, down to capitalization.

        Hazarding a guess, the rating system is the leading cause of chronic head-scratching. Select a rating of 'G.' (Should your current choice indeed be of a higher rating, e.g., 'PG,' delete the avatar and repeat the process, with the exception of clicking on the appropriate rating.)

        I'll presume you have the rest down pat.

        All the best.

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