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I paid $ to re-program my own not working again..................

posted by Skyjuice on - Viewed by 844 users

So I have owned TWD for months and months now. I tried to play a few weeks ago and had the same bs error all others were having. The exe file isn't working and so on. Did the run in compatibility mode and all that and was able to play, sorta. So I gave up for a bit because playing in a choppy manner just isn't fun. Again $ was paid for this game and should work with ZERO work on my end. After all I paid you funds...of my own...of my own sweat, blood and perhaps even tears. Although the tears are flowing only now cause I can't play.

My son just tried to launch the game and same bs exe error. I messed with it running and now Episode 3 sits as blank screen. I am not alone in this...I see other threads about episode 3 and the exe error.

All I see in a reply is "Please download this and change that and do this and run it that way and add .bak to a line and blah blah blah"

WHAT THE F**K?!?!?!??! YOU (as in Tell Tale) take your punk ass and you fix it......stop mining bitcoins or whatever you nerds do over there and stop making your paying clients re-work your shitty programed game. It is rather simple.

I am doing this for my son. ONLY for him. Below is the link for the bs tool I must now d/l and run because you all can't service your own games.

I will not be purchasing any more games from Tell Tale....which is a bummer cause they are so freaking awesome! Oh well.....fix yo shit already

  • Oh I forgot to say "Have a nice day" at the end. Sorry

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    DjNDB Moderator

    I understand your frustration. I am not a TTG employee but I might be able to help.

    Please rename the prefs.prop in
    C:\Users\Solomon\Documents\telltale games\the walking dead
    to prefs.prop.bak to deactivate it.

    Then move the prefs.prop from
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Walking Dead\Pack\default
    C:\Users\Solomon\Documents\telltale games\the walking dead

  • excuse me i have back to the future the game on my pc and it is now saying get it now when i have it in my games and i got it on ps3 though i thought i had it forever

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      If your PC version of Back To The Future is saying 'Get' next to the episodes, please contact/email our Support Staff at, and make sure to explain your issue of the game not unlocking, and they will be able to assist you further with your issue.

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