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A massive frame up.

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Okay, let's all settle in for a realllllllllly long post.

First, let's talk about Ichabod Crane. He's a pervert? yes! He's an a**hole? yes! He's a murderer? I don't think so.

lets review the facts. He is obsessed with Snow White. He has had lily play out his fantasy, probably numerous times. so yes, he's creepy. I know what you're thinking. "All the evidence adds up!" but it doesn't.

why would crane be so foolish as to leave not only pictures of Snow and Bigby, but also a picture of himself doing something really perverted?

my theory is that someone(The murderer) has framed him. how? well, first he had been stalking Crane for a while, and he knew that Crane was obsessed with Snow. he probably also knew that He often did these fantasies with Lily. so, he glamours himself as Crane, and leaves all the evidence necessary. The flowers. The book. The dress. All Crane's
(probably kept them there for when he played out the fantasies.)

Glamoured murderer tells lily to meet him at the open arms. He set's everything up. He has her lay down. then he kills her. he sets the apple. he sets the book. the cassette. the dress. the envelope, with Crane's picture(that he probably took) he knew that eventually Bigby would find the room and connect the dots shifting the blame squarely to Crane. Crane was worried because the girl who he had been using to play out the fantasies ended up dead, and now he's the prime suspect.

sorry for the long and rambling post.

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