TWAU Age Demographics and more

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Hello everyone!

This is the first discussion I'm starting here since I don't usually need to do this but since this is advertised as a mature game I was interested in seeing what the age (and other) demographics for this game actually are. I could try to gather data from the replies and post them up here later for all the statistically interested people to see in a compact form.

If you don't want to give your exact age (you can), here are the categories:

  • A for under 16
  • B for 16-22
  • C for 23-29
  • D for 30-36
  • E for 37-43
  • F for 44-50
  • G for over 50

  • It could be good to add to the reply if you started reading Fables thanks to the game or if you read Fables before and then saw they were making a game for it, or if you just don't read Fables at all.

  • It would also be a good thing to include platform information to get some more data.
  • Gender information is welcome here as well, though obviously this is the internet so I'm not getting my hopes up for that one too much.
  • While we're at it, why not tell us if you played TWD prior to TWAU, after TWAU or not as of yet.
  • Feel free to add your nationality if it's not too much trouble!

I'll start off by saying I'm 20 years old, male, and I started reading Fables after hearing Telltale were going to make the game (I played the TWD before TWAU). I play it on PS3. I'm from Finland, hence the name Finnisher.

(What data you provide is up to you, just don't go giving too specific info (dates, names etc.) if you value your privacy!)

If there is something I should have added to the list that you feel would be important, feel free to tell me. The more there are replies, the more accuracy there will be; overall and in each category.



  • 25 year old male, and I haven't read Fables but I would like to after playing episodes 1 and 2. I play it on xbox 360 (had the season pass situation sadly). I'm originally from Alaska, which sometimes felt like it was straight out of a Fable.

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    Male, Ipad, started with TWD, American.

  • 20, male, started reading fables after playing episode 1, played walking dead before wolf among us, I play it on xbox 360, I am American.

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    Umm...I don't really see the reason for this?Yes,i have read what you posted.Hmm...Well,anyway.I am A(fuck it, almost 14).I am a girl.I have started with The Walking Dead,in 2013(yeah,yeah,i know).And...I have recently took up the comics.The platform i play on is the PC.And,before anyone sues me for playing games with an age restriction that clearly bans me from playing them,i have grown up with these games,they don't affect me in any serious way.Yep.Here's my whole life in a few rows.So yeah.Alt text

  • There are people who really enjoy the stats at the end of each episode for example. Like teenage girls would understand these kind of things. XD

  • I'm 32, male, Canadian. I haven't read the Fables comics yet, but definitely intend to do so after this season of TWAU is over. I played TWD prior to playing TWAU and I play it on the 360.

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    I feel so awkward between so many adults right now.But,seriously,what was the last affirmation supposed to mean?
    Alt text

  • I may look, sound, and be old enough to be considered an adult but I am far from it lol.

  • C, from Riga, Latvia. Never read any comics, I was a fan of TWD tv show so when I saw some shots on forums from TWD game I got into Telltale stuff.

  • I'M 17, Male. I started with TWD too. I'M playing TTG on PC. I started reading Fables after I learned game. I wanted some info before playing game(I wanted to know universe). I'm from Turkey.

  • Funny how you reacted to that one, nice. XD But what I was kinda getting at was that statistics are sometimes considered to be something that girls just don't get, e.g. in boards and tables in sports and maths. Also, I'm guessing you are someone who likes to throw dislikes around? You hurt my feelings (whoever it was)...

  • 19, male, I started reading fables after playing the game, played walking dead before the wolf among us, I play it on PC and I am Portuguese.

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    Why is everybody a man all of a sudden?!Alt text

  • I am 17 and female, which I have been hesitant to say on these forums because people seem to doubt one's maturity if they are young. I am very mature for my age and have no problems understanding the games mature themes such as murder, prostitution, poverty, and drug use among others. I picked up on the Fables comics right after I became interested in TWAU and I am currently on Volume 5 "Mean Seasons". (They are awesome by the way, I highly recommend them). I play on the Xbox 360. I began playing TWD in the spring of 2012 and have been heavily invested in it ever since. I watch the show and read the comics as well. I'm from the USA. It's cool to see so many different countries united over their love of TWAU/TWD :)

  • is it 70% of video gamers who are male?

  • Who,me?What are you talking about?With the dislikes?And,for the record,i also love seeing the statistics at the end,seeing how many people did the same as me and shit.

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    Age: I'd be in the B category.

    Comics: I'd always intended to read Fables, but when they announced The Wolf Among Us I pushed it up on the list. Without TWAU, it'd probably still be on the large and ever increasing to-read/watch/etc. list.

    Platform: I'm pretty much a PC gamer -- I have a PS3 but I generally only use for exclusives or really poor console ports. My PC library is about 50 times larger than the PS3 one, and I'm not going to be jumping onto the next-gen for a while.

    Gender: Male. Feels kinda awkward, so many being male. We must preach the word of Wolf Among Us. All must experience it.

    The Walking Dead: Played beforehand, and it was what made Wolf Among Us an almost instant buy. That said, I was already a fan of the Monkey Island games and the Sam & Max ones, so I liked Telltale before and even had Poker Night. Definitely prefer the post-Walking Dead ones so far, though, which has made Telltale a developer to really keep an eye on.

    Nationality: English. We have the best accents.

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    FINALLY!!!Another girl gamer!I'm so happy i'm not the only one :) Come on,give me a virtual hug!Alt text

  • Seems like you're not the only one with hurt feelings,Finnisher.Ouch.

  • There's a lot more 'girl gamers' than some would like to admit. I am one of them.

  • Why do you guys like the...Well,guys' posts,but dislike ours'?That's not really fair.Well,maybe you can dislike my posts.But why AllThatRemains'?Leave her alone,assholes.You have no reason to dislike her comment.

  • Totally understandable. I think maturity should be based upon actions not age...sadly the internet usually thinks otherwise. All these positive comments about the Fables comics really has me kicking myself for not reading them. I'll have to fix that soon.

  • I'm 23 years old, female and, thanks to the game, I have ordered the first volume of Fables 'Legends in Exile' which has numbers #1-5 as a single book. I play TWAU on the Xbox 360 and I have played all of TWD games that TellTale produced beforehand and now anxiously awaiting for more episodes.

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    Alt text puts on glasses YEEEEAAAAAAH!Girl gamers unite!Now the only thing i need to see is someone actually my age here,and i will believe i am a teensy bit normal.

  • There is no such thing as being 'normal'. I am 23 yet I don't see how age can be a bid deal-breaker when it comes to creating acquaintances/friendships, I have some friends that, at youngest, are 17-18 years old and it doesn't phase me. We're all weird. :3

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    I think males still tend to dominate in online communities, however -- in part because of silly accusations like "Prove you're a girl!" and so on, and other general negativity -- so that might help explain some bias here. Don't have any stats on hand to back me up there, though.

  • who ever dislikes a post because the poster is a girl is a sexist bastard i mean seriously wtf?

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    I think you may be right about the male to female ratio in most online communities. I've been an active user of many game forums for a long time. I have always noticed that there seem to be more males on video game forums than females.

  • You can order the Fables volumes, the ones that have 5 comics in one book. I'm really excited to start reading!

  • A, I'm turning 15 soon. I started reading Fables thanks to the game. I play it on PC and I'm a female.

  • With the latest episode, since you play it on PC, did you experience the lagging/bugs/audio issues that the consoles have? Just curious.

  • So whats with the dislikes on female posters? I wish more girls would get into good games like TWAU, TWD.

  • Ugh, lucky-lucky. :) It was so irritating to hear a line of dialogue and then wait 10 seconds later for the screen to load and the cut-scene to play.

  • Some users are not just happy with the fact that there is a female portion to the gaming community or they are not happy with themselves. I assume that those who put others down are simply seeking a reaction, some-sort of attention, like a bad-mannered child. Sadly, the internet is a wonderful place for those type of people to hide behind the screen and and insult others. If they were face-to-face with who they were insulting - it'd be a different story. :)

  • Wow really? 6 thumbs downs? who ever wants can come over to this forum where people wont be compete assholes because someones a different gender/age and if they do they will get banned.

  • Best thing to do is to ignore them. They don't deserve your/our time and energy. :)

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