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TWAU Age Demographics and more

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Hello everyone!

This is the first discussion I'm starting here since I don't usually need to do this but since this is advertised as a mature game I was interested in seeing what the age (and other) demographics for this game actually are. I could try to gather data from the replies and post them up here later for all the statistically interested people to see in a compact form.

If you don't want to give your exact age (you can), here are the categories:

  • A for under 16
  • B for 16-22
  • C for 23-29
  • D for 30-36
  • E for 37-43
  • F for 44-50
  • G for over 50

  • It could be good to add to the reply if you started reading Fables thanks to the game or if you read Fables before and then saw they were making a game for it, or if you just don't read Fables at all.

  • It would also be a good thing to include platform information to get some more data.
  • Gender information is welcome here as well, though obviously this is the internet so I'm not getting my hopes up for that one too much.
  • While we're at it, why not tell us if you played TWD prior to TWAU, after TWAU or not as of yet.
  • Feel free to add your nationality if it's not too much trouble!

I'll start off by saying I'm 20 years old, male, and I started reading Fables after hearing Telltale were going to make the game (I played the TWD before TWAU). I play it on PS3. I'm from Finland, hence the name Finnisher.

(What data you provide is up to you, just don't go giving too specific info (dates, names etc.) if you value your privacy!)

If there is something I should have added to the list that you feel would be important, feel free to tell me. The more there are replies, the more accuracy there will be; overall and in each category.

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