Another Hard Desicion For Fun

Okay here another hard desicion for fun.

At the end of episode 5, you learn that Snow is the killer. But only Bigby knows it.

Will you arrest her? Or Not?


  • Ok my answer: I won't arrest her.

    And that's the most stupid thing can happen in game. :D

  • You sure like torturing me,don't you?But,yes,i would arrest her.Although her being the killer seems...highly unlikely.But i would do what's best for Fabletown.Plus,she's not really Bigby's Snow if she killed.However...I still love you,Snow!

  • It depends... does Bigby finally get to hit that?

  • SaltLick305SaltLick305 Banned
    edited February 2014

    Its not gonna happen Lol, But to answer your question I think i would arrest her, UNLESS she is completely honest to me and Tells me she wants to have 2 little wolfs, Bigby would not resist

  • Yeah it's not going to happen. That's why it's for fun(and it's really retarded :D).

    Damn you guys. NEVER THINK TO ARREST HER.

    Better go to a Forest and live together. Oh, I forgot. PRINCESS FUCKING SNOW WHITE GOT CASTLE&LOYALITY FANTASY. Damnit. (If you read comics you'll understand it) :D

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