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Repeat Voice Actors

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Was anyone else bothered in this episode hearing both "Lee" (now Bluebeard with a transparent accent) and "Clementine" (small frog boy) in a new game? Surely this isn't an issue for people who haven't played TWD, but these were the two major characters of the last game, now relegated to cameos in a totally different world. What, does TTG only know 20 VA's? I just found that it was distracting and contributed to a sub-par installment. Anyone else think they should keep their hands off the major characters from their other games in a more serious effort towards immersion?

  • You guys talk about some dumb shit.
    I just want these clowns to say something about the release of this game. Sooner than you think? That means dick to me. I mean they know that loyal fans are pissed at there bullshit release comments, right? So why not post something here saying we are thinking it'll be released,.....
    I don't kno, maybe they don't know. Or they don't care.
    I stand by this, finish the whole fucking game first. They're really gonna be screwed when they have to make game of thrones.

  • This is like saying don't hire an actor for a movie because he was in another movie...

  • I really think their voices fit but sometimes when I hear bluebeards voice I think of Lee.

  • Melissa Hutchison (Clementine) is Toad Jr. and Beauty.

    Adam Harrington (Andy St. John) is Bigby Wolf and the Woodsman.

    Brian Sommer (Danny St. John) is Colin the pig.

    Erin Yvette (Molly and Bonnie) is Snow White.

    Gavin Hammon (Kenny) is Beast, Dee, and the Magic Mirror.

    Chuck Kourouklis (Hershel Greene) is Mr.Toad and Bufkin.

    Roger Jackson (Chuck) is Ichabod Crane.

    Kid Beyond (Roman) is Grendel.

    Sam Joan (Doug) is the red-haired guy who bumped into Snow White.

  • wow your really picky when it comes to games >__>. its not uncommon that a studio will repeat voice actors. And so what? if they are in one series of games they shouldn't be in another? Each voice actor has a range of voices, each voice actor has their own reel of different voices they can do. If they can do a certain voice to match a character e.g.:

    a nerd, shy and scared of boys around her, some people might say she has no backbone but her fears really come from not having a father. Her father walk out the day she was born. She is alone for most of the time, her mother has to work two jobs to get by and pay for her education.

    they should get the job.

    If a voice actor can do a really good job for a character why shouldn't they be allowed. Telltale like a lot of studios use the same actors. For the actors its good, it means a steady pay. Yes I realise that some of the walking dead actors are wolf among us, it doesn't take me out of the game at all. I am focus on my reactions and getting the clues. If it bothers you so much stick to one series.

    Walking Dead actors that voice Wolf Among Us:

    Sam Joan: Doug/ cabbie in faith episode
    Dave Fennoy: Lee Everett / Bluebeard
    Melissa Hutchison: Clementine/ Beauty and TJ
    Adam Harrington: Andrew st John / Bigby and Woodsman
    Erin Yvette: Molly / Snow White
    Gavin Hammon: Kenny/ Magic Mirror, Beast and Dee/Dum

    if there is more I am sorry those are only ones I am aware off.

  • it has always been like that clem's voice actress played a major character in back to the future

    kenny's voice actor plays beast, dee,dum and the magic morror in the wolf among us

    and carlos' (twd s2) voice actor played biff in back to the future

    it is just a common thing with telltale I don't have a problem with them reusing voice actors

  • I didn't notice that the same voice portrayed Toad Jr and Clementine. But Fennoy's portrayal of bluebeard was only distracting for me in the first minute or so. After the first couple of lines he spoke i forgot about it.

  • :?

    Why would the voice actors annoy me? I mean, i know they voiced so many characters, but that just adds to the reasons they're so awesome. Telltale is practically training them, with each episode, they gain experience. And they are all just so awesome, and they're all doing such a great job, so there's really no reason for me to be annoyed. Why would anyone have a reason?

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