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Other Telltale Crossover Games

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I know these other crossover idea threads have been made before, but just here me out here.

The main reason why people play the Poker Night series is because of the odd selection of crossover characters, the hilarious dialogue, and the fact that Telltale somehow manages to mash these characters together almost seamlessly. Oh yeah, and all the FPS items. They're kinda cool too.

A lot of people have been saying that the Poker Night series might become a little repetitive and stale because the games are a little limiting. I mean, there are only ever going to be five characters at the table excluding the Player and Winslow. I kind of agree with that. Maybe Telltale could squeeze out a couple new poker titles, but I think they should probably try some new things too.

My initial idea was for Telltale to make a racing game or something, but that would just be to easy. Does anyone have any ideas for a sport or game that can include a lot of characters but also include a lot of dialogue between characters?

I like the idea about a murder investigation game, but killing off video game characters is pretty crass when you think about it. I mean, think of all the continuity problems! But unless another company is really desperate to kill of some of their old characters, then this kind of game is unlikely to happen.

  • I was thinking that maybe telltale could use the whodunnit format (it's a reality completion on abc it was created by athony zukier, google it) telltale has worked with Anthony e zukier before on the csi games, maybe he could work with telltale again to write the mysteries. (each episode a contestant get murderd by the killer in a complicated way, simpler to csi,basic game is that the contests have solve it , worst one gets murderd next) they have to say that the game is COMPLETELY non canon, in order to get away with murdering the characters. If they use this, then it could work. (here is the first episode btw)
    Whodunnit S01E01

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      Jennifer Moderator
      There was cut dialog in Poker Night with Reginald Van Winslow saying "it appears there has been been a murder!", which could have been intended to go with their Make a Scene with Telltale at Pax 2010 panel, or something entirely different.

      I'd really like a Murder at the Inventory game though. It could be set up in a murder mystery play style like the above PAX short. There's no reason the characters actually have to die. It is a place set up for games, so it would make sense they'd have audience participation murder mystery plays too.

  • I just saw the PAX Make a Scene thing. It sucks... But it has a LOT of potential. If Telltale could take this concept, turn it into a game, give it proper voice acting and make it funny, then we would have something really awesome on our hands. There could also be a fair bit of drama maybe.

    I think it would be safer to have minor mook characters from famous media franchises and generic original characters die instead of major characters like Strong Sad though. The drama may not be as intense, but since Poker Night is one of the few canon crossover games out there, I don't think Telltale would take the risk.

  • I wouldn't mind there being a full on out casino themed cross over. Because I like casinos.

  • Okay, so let's say Murder Investigation at the Inventory doesn't work out. What other games could Telltale do?

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