The most likely "thought you were dead"

edited February 2014 in The Walking Dead

I've figured it out. Those clever ladies and fellas as TTG couldn't keep me off the right track and now I'm going to share this mind blowing and completely not insane theory with my fellow gamers!

The person we will definitely see in that scene is..

Miley Cyrus

Clementine was obviously a fan of the younger Disney-like Miley and when the ZA hit she would rightly think she had died, but she is a fighter.

I actually believe in S1E1 you can see a Hannah Montana poster in her tree house when she opens the door.

The area the bandits are sitting on looks oddly like a makeshift concert stage.... Perhaps to honor the fallen artist?

Clementine: I thought you were dead. How did you survive?

MC (as her bandit brothers and sisters would refer to her): I came in like a wrecking ball!!!

What do you guys think?


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