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VG Music Appreciation Thread

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Hi. It's me, Ohyoupokedme, here again with another Appreciation thread for the love of music!

As some of you may know, I am the very same one who created 'TWD Music Appreciation Thread', but now I want to find out people's favorite video game music in general. Here is my favorite song from Penumbra: Overture:

Penumbra: Overture

What is your favorite music and from which game? Post it in the comments below!

  • Do songs that were used as credit themes but were actually created a long time before the game count?

    If not, then this:

    The second one really reminds me of Ince ption

  • 'Theme - Space Harrier'

    Space Harrier (1985)

    Composer: Kawaguchi Hiroshi

    One digitized Ferrari Testarossa, phasing into a past creation of Suzuki Yu's at a top speed of 180 mph, on unofficial leave per the unconventional thoughts of a boy incapable of accelerating a car from where he sat, let alone a valid license to 'pilot' the thing. The clouds and beyond were the roof to flights of fancy when reality was light years in the dust, my Testarossa and me.

    'Theme - Space Harrier' (Arcade)


    'Space Harrier' (∞ Climax Mix)

    Bayonetta (2009)

    Composer: Kawaguchi Hiroshi

    20-some-odd years into the future, the synths have graduated to bona fide instrumentation (farewell, restrictive sound chips); ad-libs befitting jazz lounges during the dawn of Space Age America were implemented, providing a far more sophisticated listen. Nonetheless, as with that then-boy, more than trace amounts of what made the original so special still remain.

    'Space Harrier' (∞ Climax Mix)


    'Searching for Friends'

    Final Fantasy VI (1994)

    Composer: Uematsu Nobuo

    Kefka Palazzo's global tyranny left our heros disbanded and resigned, which, following a few critical plot points, led to the dearly departed Darill's prized airship, the Falcon, rising from its grave, defiantly soaring dismal skies to reunite wayward comrades and usher in the return of the morning sun.

    Visions? Crucial, but if they're to ever step foot outside of one's mind, a catalyst is necessary. On the 'off chance' of venturing from cerebral hermitage, compositions of this ilk are effective at inspiring hope and drive in even the most pessimistic and listless of hearts.

    'Searching for Friends'

  • Well, to me, the legend of Zelda Skyward Sword has some of the best music in any videogame ever
    This theme sums it up quite nicely:

    I mean, Zelda in general is excellent in the music department, but SS definitely takes the cake on that one.

    Square also seems to put great effort in their music, I personally love Frog's theme from Chrono Trigger

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