• Well I highly doubt it is Crane, it's as you pointed to early in the story, it's not like he's going to be taking selfies of himself defiling Snow. Now it may be true that he has some unhealthy obsession with Snow but I don't believe he is the killer. It is most likely someone we haven't met yet.

    • At first, I had thought it was "The Crooked Man" I heard about. However, I quickly dismissed it because we obviously haven't seen him yet.. Or did we?

      • I don't think so, I saw a supposed leaked picture of the Crooked Man and it is someone we haven't seen, I feel like it won't be him either...knowing TTG I feel like when the killer is finally revealed in episode 5 it would be someone we haven't seen yet and will be mind blowing, all I know is they wouldn't out the killer in episode 2 and turn the game into a 3 episode chase of Crane, it's not TTG's style

        • Well, There is the red-hair guy who arguably "followed" you and Snow around.

          • we'll see, from what I heard the Ginger was really just an extra character model they used to randomly place him in the game and the fact that so much suspicion was put upon him that they completely removed his as an extra character model in episode 2

            • Hmm I don't know. It some cases for example (Taxi Cab Scene) would work. But the fact that he actually says "hi" is wierd to me. If he is just an extra than why would TellTale do that?

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