Will reading the comics ruin my experience of the game?

So, after my obsession with this game, I asked for and received the first two books (issues 1-18) of the comics. However, I'm worried that reading the comic books will ruin being Bigby for me, as I'm worried I'll feel like I need to fit his characterization. What do people who've ready the comics think?


  • I've played Episode 1 and then read the comics.
    While playing Episode 2 I realized that Bigby and Snow in the game is different in many ways from Bigby and Snow in the comics.
    It doesn't mean that one is better than the other they are just different.So reading comics doesn't ruin game for me.

  • No. I picked up the comics after episode 1 and it's a completely different experience. The characters are the same in name only, buy it seems like their personalities are noticing shifted, especially Snow. Aside from the aforementioned spoiler from Lexi above, you have nothing to fear if you want to grab the first issue.

  • This thread helped me, since I was looking forward to read the comics! Thanks guys :D

  • You should read comics. Knowing the universe is better.

  • Yeah, I noticed a shift in personality too.

    Bigby is more lethargic, less snarky and all around dead inside.

    Snow is cold (pardon the pun) and more businesslike. It's weird.

  • Reading the comics you have greater knowledge of the things around you. I picked the comics after ep 1, and let's just say that snow's presumed death was cut short. Also in ep 2 i kinda knew Crane would be involved somehow as well, just by reading the comics. Anyway, the comics are really good! You should check them out.

  • How much have you read? In what way is Bigby dead inside?

    Snow is all business at the beginning, but she goes through a lot of character development.

  • No read comics remember robert writer in walking dead getting abuse off fans saying is rick going die in tv series because died in comics and robert stated the comics and the tv series are two different storys with same characters thats what makes them cool and different so might be same in this case whatever happens in comics doesnt reflect any other medium

  • No, the comics will only help you to understand the world of Fables that much better.

  • I'm going to read the comics after the game, just so that I can enjoy what TellTale puts out for their interpretation of the Fables world.

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    Read 1 to 40 or 1 to 30 It will help you to understand Fables Universe.

  • I have the same problem too, I really am obsessed with this game and I have read some of the character bios and the only ideas it might give me is who the killer could be. I read a lot of their back rounds and have some ideas who it could be.

  • He just seems to be far too serious. In TWAU he is livelier, especially in the sarcastic dialogue options and seems to, while not love his work, at least have enthusiasm for it. In the comics I don't get that feeling. It also doesn't help that Lan Medina drew Bigby as a bit sulky. It's all just too humourless for my taste (ignoring the Charming sections). I also only read until issues 3 or so, then dropped it until TWAU is done to avoid any potential spoilers.

    Ah, fair enough. But how she goes from the Snow now to the Snow then (or then to now, or then earlier to then a little less early taking into account the comic is in the 90s at the beginning) is one hell of a question. This Snow seems nice, the one in the first trade seems far too stuck up.

  • At the beginning of the comic Snow's been running Fabletown for decades, and running it well. It's a lot of pressure. She pretty much only has Bigby and Boy Blue to rely on.

    Leaders of nations always seem to age rapidly once they take office, due to the stress, and for Snow it's no different. She can't age, but her personality can harden. That's not to mention that Snow is very closed off already, after being betrayed by a number of people in her past. She's been through a lot of trauma and she distances herself for self-preservation.

    As for Bigby, he may seem sulky, but he's just dry and keeps his cards to his chest. Did you read to the end of the first story arc? He lightens up once the mystery is over.

  • Decades? That ain't right, the game is taking place in the 80s, the comic in the 90s (possibly), so she only could've been doing it for ten years, at best. But I see your point.

    Nah, as I said didn't read past issue 3 for avoidance of potential spoilers. But I won't mind if you shoot me a private message telling me who the killer is. Was.

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    I've personally read the comics before playing TWAU and it hasn't ruined the gaming experience at all for me (ex: I knew Snow had to be alive, but it was still a kick in the gut for me when I saw her severed head). I disagree though that Fables Bigby/Snow are completely different from TWAU Bigby/Snow. Telltale did a great job of giving a range of choices to Bigby that are all, in my opinion, aligned with how he's like in the comics. That being said, I do have one file where I try to keep in canon, and two other ones where I just go crazy, haha!

    If Bigby does seem different, it's because he's not in full command of the case here (this is a video game after all, it'd be boring if he knew everything). Fables Bigby is usually pretty on top of things in investigations.

    I was kind of surprised with how Snow was like in the first episode, but I'm SO HAPPY they amped up her personality in the second. MUCH closer to the assertive, badass Snow in Fables!!

    If anything, I think reading the comics makes playing the game even MORE fun. Especially knowing how certain characters end up in Fables. It makes you wonder where Telltale is going to take them.

  • The timing's a bit fuzzy, especially if you take into account TWAU. I was pegging the comics at starting in the early 2000s, and TWAU at around 1985.

    Ironically, you stopped just before the point at which the plot gets more lighthearted.

  • Oh shit, you're right! With the colouring job (and the sky high quality of the pencils and the inks) I just assumed it was from the 90s (both in its universe and ours).

    I'll be sure to return to it when the episodes are out. Thankfully, the trade ain't going nowhere.

    Unrelated, Fables (the main series, anyways) will end in 2015 with issue 150. Good. It's best that a good thing end sooner, rather than become a decrepit shambling shell of what it once was.

  • Telltale doesn't interpret anything. There are clues in the comics, and mostly the full picture is shown.

  • I kinda regret reading one cuz I think I know what happens next. I hope TellTell doesn't pic the same part.

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