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There are lots of speculations. I think the guy who did this is not still added to game. But Tweedle Dee and Dum, Their Boss, Headless Horseman and probably Red Head guy are somehow connected.

Also I would like to mention a rhyme that is in Episode 4 in achievements. When you take all the titles of each achievement ''Complete chapter 1-5 of Episode 4'', the rhyme will come out:
''Once Upon a Time - There Was a Wolf - Who Ruled the Land - He Was Much Feared - But Soon He Mended his Evil Ways - And all Were Happy''
Im not good at english but I think that mean that Bigby is going to be the bad guy or he's going to get better and he will become a good guy.
I made a list of my suspects:

Crane: He is probably not involved in it. He's just angry becouse Bigby thinks he's the main suspect. Killer can't be revealed at the first episodes.

Tweedle Dee and Dum: They were snooping around every crime scene. They were looking for something. Maybe for clues that could lead Bigby to the killer. What if the killer is their boss?

Headless horseman: At the EP.1 when you examine Faith's head cut Bigby will say ''Strange cut, something with a magic attached to it'' Horseman could just swing this sword on his horse making a circle shape but he could kill Lily becouse she was killed in her bed and she was killed by Crane (probably).

Snow: She's getting more angry than before. She's hiding something that we don't know. Also episode 4 ''The Sheep's clothing''. That mean that maybe someone that we think is 100% innocent will be a traitor. I mean, snow that looks really sweet and normal, can be somehow releated to something.

Why won't we just look at Bigby as himself: I have no clues from playthrough but from achievements again. ''This house of Straw - Complete Chapter 2 of EP.5'' (Colin is on the image) - Will something happen with Colin and Bigby's house. Will Bigby kill Colin like in a story?
''My last Cigarette - Complete Chapter 4 of Episode 5'' - Will Bigby die becouse he is the killer and he will have final battle to his death?
''Happily Ever After - Completed Episode 5: "Cry Wolf" '' - After Bigby will die everybody will live happyily ever after.
Bigby is also the one of the fables that kills everyone, he's the wolf. The title of the game ''The wolf among us'' maybe like ''The killer among us'' At the end of Episode 2 Bigby look like a wolf. He looks pissed off. But why. They will make a story like in Heavy Rain. One of main characters will be the murder.

Red Head guy: He's in every place where crime will have a place. He was acting strange when you met him with snow at the hallway. But also I noticed a bug or maybe it's how it's supposed to be. When you are on your way to TripTrap, Red Head guy is driving a cab. But after looking at the place and snow saying ''You should handle this one'' you can notice the same guy in the alley also with Gren that's in the bar at the same moment. Maybe this is that Glamour mentioned in EP.2 to make fables look like another but I think this only concerns girl working at the strip club


  • I like the trains of thought. In the second episode, there was a picture of Crane standing over the glamoured Snow White (Lily). I think if anything, he was the one with the Snow White fetish, but he was not the killer. Two, the ribbons on the girls neck has to be laced with magic, hence the "my lips are sealed" phrase. The Little Mermaid found a way to explain to Bigby without actually saying it. The redhead is the boy that cried wolf, and he lives one floor above Bigby and ALWAYS tells the truth. He may have a hand in it, but not the killer. Of course, the killer really has not be exposed unless you go with the Headless Horseman (with the cuts, and a magic weapon, it would make since). Bigby is a redemption story, so he is trying to be the good guy. Of course, that is close to impossible because he was the bad guy in many of the stories, which makes him a compelling character. Having said that, he is not the killer (at least not in this story). The Tweedles are lackeys and their boss isn't shown yet, although I would have put money on Bluebeard just because. LOL, it could be Queen from Alice in Wonderland....OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!

  • Yup. For now we can just guess who it is. But untill the episode 3 hasn't been released yet we won't know.
    Btw. I heard that Beauty was talking about The Crooked Man when you mention about Dee and Dum. He is probably their employer that wan't Bigby dead. Whoever is Dee and Dum's boss want him dead. Like I said Dee have no reason to point his shotgun at Bigby. I wonder how The Crooked Man model will look like. Also in achievements their telling lots of things that can mean something. Maybe something will happen to Bigby ''My last Cigarette''

  • Also the Huff and Puff in the Ash tray at Lily's Crime scene in the Hotel , Maybe you're on to something with the Bigby as a suspect? At least when I read your comment I thought about that right away even though I didn't see you mention that as one of the reasons for your suspicion.

    xeno0521 posted: »

    Yup. For now we can just guess who it is. But untill the episode 3 hasn't been released yet we won't know. Btw. I heard that Beauty

  • As in all great mystery novels or movies doubt writers even know who did it so keep adding suspense and different suspects in coming chapters

  • I was sleepy and I kept forgeting things. I also wrote a comment on some page but I pressed return to the previous page ;d.
    I forgot about Huff and Puff, but maybe someone else is smoking this. For know my main suspects are Dee and Dum's boss and Red head guy

  • Somebody glamoured up as Bigby doing all the killings, hence leaving trails such as the Huff n Puff cigarettes.. ultimately implicating the real Bigby until the fake one is revealed? Possibly working for somebody pulling the strings?

  • I agree on the Red Head guy! I see him every where but he's so under the radar because your always paying attention to something else.

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