• I don't think that the killer should be revealed that easy but mehhh...My opinion is if we didn't knew who the killer was this would happen in ep 3: detective Brinnengan helps us to get the killer's name and lets us alone.

    • The killer won't be revealed yet its to soon so most probably crane is a red herring
      Its strange but I think that the killer is jack he does have an history with an axe.
      Its possible u never no !

  • They wont reveal the killer in Episode 2... It will probably be revealed at the end of episode 3 at the earliest and 4 is most likely when it is revealed at the end of something
    It could be crowy. Telltale does some sneaky things in his Bio it says everyone thinks he's just a harmless guy who wants to be a big guy... But I don't think it's him I think it's the HH

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