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Should We Try To Solve The Mystery?

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A lot of us, including me, have theorized that the script was drastically changed because we figured out the mystery. Now I myself never looked at that thread (I wanted the story to be a surprise if it was true), but if it really was the original plan, should we keep our theories in our head so as to keep the story surprising to us?

  • I think yes but idk sometimes people can't shut up >.>

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    With the episodic nature of The Wolf Among Us, that's going to be very difficult. It took a very long time for the second episode to come out and while I don't think it'll be as long a wait (probably just be Telltale's usual 1-2 months now) I don't think it's going to be easy keeping all the theories to ourselves or hearing other people's thoughts if we're regular community members.

  • Please look at my comment and answer my question.

    • ....They did. Snow White wasn't resurrected. If you had played the game a little bit more you might have actually realized that, since there is a part involving the body glamoured to look like Snow White.

      Basically, someone who was magically dressed up as Snow White got killed, and Bigby saw that person's head, which looked like Snow White's since it was changed to look like Snow White's head with glamour magic.

      Snow White was not dead, she was not resurrected, someone who looked like her was killed.

      • But I got confused when Snow said that Faith looked like her. Because then I thought- eh.... just.... at that point in the episode it did not reveal who actually got killed did it?

        • Faith does look similar to Snow. Let me try to explain this for you.

          Major spoilers incoming~~~~~~~

          Bigby found the glamoured head. Snow White found the glamoured body and commented on how it looked like her so she thought it was Faith, since Faith also looked like her and coincidentally was also beheaded. Snow later gets to see the head, which makes it clear it is a body glamoured to look like her. The glamour then wears off on the dead body to reveal it is Lilly, a troll, and the sister of Holly, the owner of the Trip Trap.

          It is not revealed that Lilly is the one who was killed until the part where they examine the body, but it is made extremely clear that it was someone who looked like Snow White before then.

        • Snow didn't say Faith looked like her. Faith was the first girl you meet, and the first to die. You're thinking of the second victim, who was glamoured to look like Snow.

  • Good idea on that one but we can't get the world to stop shouting out about it

  • The last time we predicted what happened TellTale took 4 months to complete an episode. I definitely don't think we should stop making theories because that takes the fun out of the game, but I do think that we need to stop hyper analyzing every detail by playing the episodes or watching them over and over. The best chance we have of having a good twist by a reasonable date is making theories off memory.

  • I really would like to know what is going to happen if even anything with the suspect community found in the first episode. Did they hope for some big twist at the end showing players that the killer was always there. I guess now the 3 month down time is explained with this huge story change but even that doesn't make much sense. Why all the silence about them changing story?

  • That would be completely stupid to change the whole entire game just because we think we found out...

  • Yeah,that's what i thought,too.And yeah,i'm keeping my theories in my head.

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