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Any regrets?

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There are so many bad choices to be made in a TellTale game. What are you most ashamed of so far in TWAU?

  • The lack of Brannigan. and the EP3 slide with her.

  • Not punching Tweedle Dee on my first playthrough(well, first after getting episode 2....I had some issues and re-installed the game). Because Tweedle Dee is an asshole. xD

    Seriously though, that's not it. I don't really have any major regrets other than tearing Grendel's arm off in two of my playthroughs(to see what happened and get the book of fables entry, I did it twice because I re-installed the game after a computer system restore so I didn't have any of my saved files for the game any more). >.>

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    This isn't a huge regret, but if I had to say something I guess I kind of resent not smashing up the Pudding 'n' Pie at least a little bit, purely because he "files a report with my superiors" even if I didn't do anything. Not that it really matters, but as far as I can tell, literally nothing changes whether you smash his club or not.

  • hitting toad I was really irritated with him keeping those secrets from me and telling snow this is the job

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