Did anyone else get to skip talking to TJ entirely?

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So, on my third (yes, really) playthrough of Episode 2, I chose to examine the body and then go to Pudding & Pie before talking to TJ ... just to see if some of the missing scenes from Episode 1's ending's preview would show up (disclaimer: they didn't).

And when you do that, you get to skip the entire "interrogation" of TJ. I'm not quite what to make of it, but I was thinking:

  1. TJ remembers when you tell him that you're very good at spotting liars. So now that I've skipped that entire scene, do you think this will have an impact on Episode 3-5?
  2. This episode was already quite short, and on my first play-through, I got a lot of information out of TJ. I'm just thinking about those poor people who might have been wanting to talk to TJ last, but got left high and dry.


  • Yeah.I tried that,too.I dunno what to say of it,though.

  • The Detecting Liars will probably be done alot. (You are a cop after all)

  • I missed it. At first I talked to him before I looked at the body, then as we were about to leave for the Trip Trap to let Holly know, I told Snow to come with me. I did that scene, then I rewound to make sure I told Snow to stay behind. I skipped the TJ part and left it for last, thinking maybe I could have more questions for him later but later never came

  • TellTale is obviously in a scramble which explains all of these overlooked issues.

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