Amazing news for old adventure game fans

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Tim Schafer's team is starting a new Amnesia Fortnight, inviting us to choose the three game projects which will be developed by the Double Fine team:

And there's one project, which I believe needs our support. It's called Eras of Adventure, and it tells the history of adventure genre. (i.e. it would start as a text adventure, then a classic EGA adventure like Maniac Mansion, then a DOTT or Sam & Max-style game, then CMI, then a 3D adventure, until finally we get to the modern Renaissance of the genre). Seems like a dream come true for the fans of old Lucas and Sierra titles :D


  • BTW, there are already 10 finalists chosen (Eras of Adventure is among them), and 2 hours left to vote.

  • Eras of Adventure didn't make it, but Mnemonic did. It's an adventure sort of in the style of Reperfection and upcoming (kickstarted) The Slaughter it seems.

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