Episode 1 "Choices" bug

edited February 2014 in The Wolf Among Us

hey, just a little background info: I'm playing TWAU on a mac, rand I'm replaying episode 1 picking all the decisions I didn't make the first time. Anyway, I get to the chapter "Choices" where you decide to either go to toad's house or prince lawrence's. But for whatever reason, it won't let me make my decision. I can lean bigby from one side to the other, back and forth between the two options, but it won't register my clicks or something. So, for that save file, I'm stuck at that chapter because it won't let me make my choice. Any ideas on what can be done or even what's wrong? Thanks in advance.


  • The only thing I can think of is backing up your save files then uninstalling and re-installing the game? I'm a console gamer, so I'm not too experienced in the PC bugs field. Sorry.

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