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Game-breaking glitch in Ep. 2.

posted by Charleh3 on - Viewed by 310 users

So after overcoming the entire "Coming Soon"/unable to download episode 2 debacle, I go to finally play the new episode, only to find that character models aren't loading.

The "Previously On" segment that opens the episode and recaps the events of episode 1 is filled multiple awkward shots of walls and exteriors with nothing appearing in-frame, and voices heard without any visible source. When that finishes - and the episode actually starts - the same thing happens. From what I could tell, Bigby was sitting in an office being interrogated by a lady, but all I could see was a table and a floating packet of cigarettes. No Bigby, no lady.

I've uninstalled and re-installed the game countless times now and nothing helps. This is getting ridiculous, so please help.

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