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Episode 2 bug - episode 1 consequences lost?

posted by 68ST0X20 on - Viewed by 1.3K users

I downloaded Episode 2 a few days ago. I started the episode just to check that it had installed correctly.
During the re-cap of episode 1; I noticed that the decision for the bar fight at the end of the episode (I chose the violent option) could be seen at least twice during the re-cap.

Today I re-started episode 2 to play it properly by using the "rewind" option... this time the episode re-cap played out as if I'd not taken the violent option.
Then when I got into episode 2, the character affected seemed to be missing the injury (though possibly being a Fable and having a glamour spell; this isn't odd).

My question is - is this a one-off bug (just for this choice); or does the episode rewind option cause other problems?
I don't care so much about this one choice; but generally the game is less fun if I'm not sure my choices are carrying forward

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