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Xbox Support told me to get my code here...

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Like many of the frustrated fans who waited and waited for A WOLF AMONG US ep 2 to arrive, only to not have the Season Pass work once it was finally here...I have waited the 48+ hours to recieve my "code" via email/Xbox Live messages so that I may play the ep w/o having to buy it again. After having not recieved it in the promised time frame, I phoned XBOX SUPPORT and they told me that all I had to do was visit this page and "easily" obtain a code from your end. Feel like I am being jerked around by both parties involved.

I just want to play the game. Who gives the code, and do they know they are the ones supposed to give it? Please advise.

  • I'm in the same boat. And after the fiasco with TWD: GOTY edition and the 4 weeks it took to get my codes then I should have known better. Should have bootlegged it from the start...

  • I am also in the same boat. Friends have received their codes but I have yet to get mine. GT: TylerDurden4220

  • This sucks. Tales from borderlands and the rest of twd season 2. I won't be so quick to pay. Feel like I'm getting screwed again like when borderlands 2 came out broken. Maybe you and gearbox studio are a perfect match. I really don't want to hate you. I love the games. So c'mon fix this shit and quick. I

    • i got borderlands 2 the day it came out and never had a single issue with it? what happened on yours? it worked fine for my buddy who i played coop with aswell

  • By the way , fuck xbox customer support. Oh we don't work the weekend. If you take my money on a weekend then you can fucking sort this shit out.

  • where is my fucking code or my god damn money back telltale fucking sucks ass

  • Okay...Just following orders here...Waited 4 days already...I'd like my code now please :) GT: shawzy666

  • This should be so embarrasing for telltale, I haven't received my code either and I bought the season pass last thursday.
    They should've already given us a solution this is so frustating, and it's not about playing it now, it's about getting what I payed for.

    Shame on you, telltale

  • Guess my problem goes here. As above. Bought season pass. Waited a week. No fix yet. Just googled and heard about codes. Haven't received yet so if I could get would be much appreciated. All the anger isn't really understandable as a quick search reveals it's a fault on microsofts end not ttg.

    GT: Daddy Supes

    • Apparently they both put the blame on each other, but I bought the game to telltale, so they're the ones who should be breaking their asses telling MS to send all the f**ng codes or making an update.

      & I don't think they even read these but just in case,
      GT: eider154

  • Im waiting for more then 3 days and i didnt recieve a code . Gamertag: darkdomi1

  • I bought my season pass yesterday, I was pissed when I couldn't play ep2 right away. I hope that this gets sorted out soon.

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