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Where is part 2 in MY GAMES???

posted by DrPhlox on - last edited - Viewed by 511 users

As the title says no part 2 is available to download from TELLTALE WEBSITE even already announced.

There is nothing more annoying then to wait for the game to complete and then when it is ready and already advertised "AS AVAILABLE" the customer already paid in advance not get the rest in time, as NEW CUSTOMERS do.

As for this case. I already contacted paypal and they will be happy to refund me. I will wait 3 days for answer and then I will reclaim my funds.


  • One more: I bought it HERE -paid for all 5 Episodes in advance at the website and not from STEAM or any other company which wouldn't want to transfer game rights. So its TELLTALES problem only.

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      I apologize for the inconvenience. Can you please clarify if you are playing on a PC or a Mac computer? If you are playing on a PC, you should be able to download the second episode from within the games Episodes menu. If you are playing on a Mac, and you are still seeing 'Coming Soon' in the Episodes Menu, please uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the game from our website, and you will be able to play Episode 2. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. Please note that your save games will not be harmed in the process.

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