• The ones you mentioned, plus Bluebeard, Colin, Bufkin and Grimble the security guard. Also Mr. Toad is around, but as an extremely background character, and Ichabod is no longer in Fabletown and turns up once.

  • I don't read the comics, but from what I've heard, everyone you've mentioned is big in the comics. Pinocchio, Pronce Charming, Little Red Riding Hood, Rose Red, Cinderella and Bluebeard are also. I do know Crane isn't in the comics all that much, he only appeared in an issue or two...

  • Ichabod too appears in the comics but he isn´t Deputy Mayor anymore. Then there are the fables from arabic tales like Aladdin, Simbad, Alí Baba, and all of these too.

  • Okay good, those were the few i suspected

  • Crane pops up for one issue. He's long gone from his deputy mayor post. He alludes that it was some possible sexual harassment thing with snow white. Maybe the events of the game are what does him in?

    Toad made a cameo in a scene at the farm. Though he looks pretty different so the game makers and Bill Willingham may ignore that.

    The possible boy who cried wolf (who may or may not be the mystery guy from episode 1) is also mentioned to be staying at the woodlands. Though that was just a one joke line and may not be considered canon (if indeed this character does appear).

  • I'm not sure if the Toad/Frog at the farm is Mr. Toad or not. He never speaks to my knowledge, and unlike our Mr. Toad who dresses rather blue collar the one in the comics has a more upper class flair to him. Plus Toad JR is no where in sight during those scenes. He very well could just be another random animal character and not our Mr. Toad.

    As officer smile says The Boy Who Cried Wolf is stated to be alive in well, living in the 7th floor of the Woodlands by Jack.

    The Arabians Fables make an appearance, but unlike the European Fables have not been driven out of their Homelands yet. They are very much still at war with the Adversary.

    The only real "main characters" so far who don't appear in the comics to my knowledge are Toad JR, the Tweedles, and Donkeyskin Girl and her husband. Woody appears a couple of times, but always in the background and always with regards to his story. Before this game we didn't even know if he has made it out of the Homelands or not, making his absents during the whole "Red Riding Hood" thing more interesting really. Granted he may have appeared in some of the Jack comics, I am behind on them.

  • Dr. Swineheart and King Cole are mentioned as far as I remember but they aren't seen. (They are characters in the comics)

  • I read them up until the mid 60's. Sporadically since then. All those characters are in the the comics. But Mr Toad is either dead or a minor background character, if i remember. As Brock above mentioned, ive never seen Toad Jr, the tweedles, or donkeyskin, in the comics up until i stopped reading. Which why i was excited for the series of games when they came out because i thought it was going to be a fresh narrative with new characters.

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