TWAU EP2: Smoke and Mirrors giveaway! (xbox360)

Hey guys, I happen to have an extra code for The Wolf Among Us episode 2: Smoke and Mirrors on the 360 and I'm deciding to give it away! All you need is 1)TWAU EP1: Faith installed on your Xbox 360 to be able to play it. And 2)make a post on here defending your choice on who you decided to arrest at the end of episode 1 and why.

To give everyone a fighting chance I will leave it up to the public to decide who gets the prize by having them like their fav post. Whoever has the most likes at the end gets the download code messaged to them :) (If theres a tie then I will randomly select the person, to be fair)

note: I'll be back in a few hours to check up on the progress, good luck!

edit: it's over. hope the winner has fun with the episode. (mods can close this, thanks.)


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