Tweedle Dee and Dum working with Crane?

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After interrogating Toad Jr. the Magic Mirror reveals the whereabouts of Tweedle Dum when asked. Surprisingly, he seems to be inside Crane's supposed green car apparently waiting, certainly not driving.

My assumption is that he is waiting for Tweedle Dee to be released from captivity by Crane. If that is the case, then why is he in Crane's car or could it be that the Tweedles own a similar looking car?

Maybe the reason why Tweedle Dee won't reveal who his boss is because Crane is in the same room as him?

Please post more clues regarding this theory on this thread :)


  • I think Beauty makes it perfectly clear that Dee&Dum work for The Crooked Man, not Crane. Then again, it's also possible Crane had some sort of business with him as well.

  • I had the same thoughts. Dum and Dee are either working for Crane or they're all working together for some third party (i.e. The Crooked Man). Another sign pointing to this is that Crane readily defends Dum and Dee's innocence if Bigby captures them whereas he's fully on board with the Woodsman being captured.

    He also seems to react rather strongly to Bigby taking Dee's money. While it might be possible that he's just upset because that's a violation of protocol or something, it could also be because either he's the one who gave them the money (and so he wants it back) or he knows who that money belongs to (and he's afraid of the ramifications of keeping it).

  • Woah, I didn't know about his reaction towards the Woodsman, that raises my suspicions even more. Also, the fable entry named 'Ichabod's Denial' unlocks after being harsh with Tweedle Dee, furthermore the entry states that Crane is 'superstitious' which could mean that he fears mistreating the Tweedle brothers and the supposed 'Crooked Man' (sounds like a character out of superstition) could have ramifications.

  • Thanks for reminding me about the Crooked man, my new theory is that Crane is working with the Tweedle brothers, and not for , therefore with the Crooked Man. By the way, it seems like the Crooked Man isn't a Fables comic character, any idea who this person might be?

  • I have no idea either. The only information i was able to find was the nursery rhyme, along with the poem.

    Also, someone was able to find his model. It appears he will be in ep 3.

  • My theory is that Tweedle Dum is actually glamoured to look like Crane, & that the real Crane hasn't been around at all. Think about it, Dum is seen sat in Crane's car. At the start Crane goes to have an early "massage" but he pauses for a second when he says massage. Snow even says on the phone about the expensive price of the "massage". This could actually be Tweedle Dum going to have his glamour redone, as him getting mad at Snow & Bigby made it start to fail & he had to make a hasty retreat. Also, he could be annoyed at Bigby taking Tweedle Dee's money because that was the money for the glamour? :)

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