• C-dawg was my favorite that you used there, made me chuckle.

    1. It'd be interesting to see Pete survive or not based on that choice, but I feel like they won't do it. Like you said it'd be a strain. It would make for interesting dialog between him and Nick though.
    2. I wouldn't call Clem C-Dawg because it's pretty lame lol, and we already had a T-Dawg. Although it made me chuckle I'd still stick with Clem.
    3. I think if we were able to succeed there it would probably drastically change the outcome of the scene and make the story flow totally differently. It'd be like the cop not flying off the road where he did in season one; that could have changed everything.
    4. Rebecca is being an ass currently, but I don't think she'd try to kill her at this point if the rest of the group is around. If the group isn't around I guess it'd be possible, but leaving her I can totally see.
    5. We can't view him as a murderer if he doesn't murder her. If you die at that scene and quit then I'd say you could, but if you pass that point then no. It'd be like letting Marauder Shields kill you at the end of Mass Effect 3 and quitting (I recommend this). In that scenario Marauder Shields killed you and it was the end for you, but if you continue on then no, he was just another enemy.
    1. Won't happen I don't think. Would of course be cool.
    2. Clem is fine and most natural.
    3. I can't quite imagine a QTE for hiding. It would just feel weird since the activity consists of NOT doing anything.
    4. I think Telltale will make us sympathize with her and then kill her.
    5. I think the death scenes are valid as a way to gain further understanding of what the characters would do, so yes, I'd say it indicates he would kill Clem. I'm actually going through Season 1 right now and watching all the death scenes to gain more story. Favourite is probably early in Ep 1 when you die before finding Clem and she asks "Are you dead too?" on the walkie.
    • Perhaps the QTE for the stall could be like an old style tony hawk video game grind, a balancing act (but one you couldn't actually win)

      4 I don't quite understand what you are saying, I was refering to Reb 'trying' to, directly or indirectly, kill Clem. Not whether we will end up killing Reb (which I agree, I think we may end up killing her)

      How do you die before meeting Clem? I'd like to try that out :p

      EDIT: Did you vote? :)

      • About 4: What I mean is, I don't think Rebecca will try to kill Clem, I think they will make us sympathize with her instead, and then Telltale will kill her off, not Clementine will kill her. Hope that cleared it up.

        Pretty easy to die before meeting Clem! You can either die from the Cop zombie (That death scene is not very interesting) or from Sandra (If you die from Sandra Clem will ask if you are dead over the walkie.)

        Yes, I voted.

  • I've heard Clemmy-clue a lot before. More fit for a 9 year old, I think. Clem fits throughout life.

    Or Clem-bo Slice.

    I might respect Rebecca a bit more if she actually did try to kill Clementine. Prove she's more than just bark. She'd fail, but hey, good try.

    1. Although I would like to see Pete's survival be determinant, it is very unlikely. Even if he somehow manages to survive through amputation, he will not last long with only one leg. Perhaps if the group was not shown migrating away from the cabin, I would be less skeptical. I just don't see how Pete is going to pull his own weight with only one leg (literally and figuratively).

    2. Just "Clem". I would have to force myself to call her anything other else.

    3. I wouldn't mind, but I don't want this to turn into a David Cage game.

    4. I doubt she will try to kill Clem. If capable of saving Clementine, I hope she does something to help, otherwise she would be too reminiscent of Larry. I think that eventually her motherly instincts will kick in, even if she suppressing them at this time. I hope that their relationship improves, because Rebecca is currently portrayed as a one-dimensional bitch.

    5. I think they should be judged by their intentions outside of non-canon death scenes. I don't really think that these death scenes are entirely accurate regarding character actions. They are probably used more as filler so that you can't just fall asleep during frantic situations.

  • It appears most people think we will be having a boy! Not we, but.. you know.

  • I don't know who to expect, because I think the child won't survive for long. Voted for a boy, though, there's gotta be a variety, even in ZA.

    • I honestly don't think they will kill off the baby until the end of this season (or not even this season). I could be very wrong though.

      • It's possible. I was wrong about Christa's baby before, actually. Despite the evidence, I was still not convinced that she is pregnant, but then Season 2 came out with Christa being pregnant at the beginning.

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