• There's also the possibility that the crime turns out not to be murder, but conspiracy and fraud. In that case, any of the Fables you mentioned could be responsible, since they would probably have paid their debt to society by the time the comics began.

    However, I think that unlikely considering it'd be too similar to the first story arc.

  • That's rather unlikely, Bigby is treating it as a murder and little gets past his nose. Plus you can't fake a beheaded troll. What is it going to be, a glamored up troll that's really a glamored up mundy cow? The evidence along with the way Bigby is acting proves to me that we are dealing with murder her.

    As Legends in Exile shows Bigby has no problem knowing who's blood belongs to whom.

    • You're right of course. It's unlikely at best.

      As for Bigby's nose... he's either been depowered for plot reasons, or he knows stuff that the player doesn't. The blood at the scene when Faith's head was discovered should have lead Bigby right to someone, even if they were just a patsy assigned to leave the head there.

  • Guys, the universe includes magic, Due to the fact in the comics they never mention a murder like this (Well...i don't think so) I'm gonna take a guess and say at the end of the season somehow their memories could be erased.

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