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Does anyone really want monthly release over full game?

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I love walking dead played when came ps vita played full game loved the story and was happy with my purchase.

First time this season I bought game with episodes and dont feel makes story any better or make people enjoy story more or even increase profit

Buying episodes monthly doesnt get me more excited just frustrates me and added on to this constant delays then next chapters have more delays and end up forgetting the story

Internet and friends all play the games so even when wait for full release whole story will already be spoiled

Also chapters wait month for hour and half chapter rather just wait for full release

Im big fan just hope telltale releases full games anyone agree

  • No, but you take what you are given.

  • I quite like the episodic thing, its a big reason why this community grows so quick. I like discussing things between episodes. Thats just me though

  • Sort of. I think what would be best is if telltale finishes the game first, then slowly releases an episode every two weeks. That way we still get to discuss everything but there won't be any of these awful delays :). If I had to choose I would pick full release though, then I wouldn't waste so much time on here lol :D

    • Yeah, it wouldn't be so bad if the wait between episodes was more reasonable. It's absurd to have to wait 2 months and STILL not know when you're getting the next installment. If they had set the dates ahead of time or gave us updates on the progress, I wouldn't care about waiting 2 weeks or even 2 months between releases. It's the not knowing that annoys me. I think it's unprofessional. When I pay for a magazine subscription, I KNOW when my next edition is coming. It part of the deal of paying for something in advance. Telltale likes to string us long and never throws us a bone. I love the game. They do an excellent job with it, but I don't think they have handled the release dates or PR stuff very well.

  • It depends, ttg just doesn't have 1000's of developers to make full games fast enough and by the time they get all 5 episodes done to make the full game to release they would be using an outdated engine possibly anyways, I didn't really check what engine TTG is using, if they are using their own engine then theirs would just be compared against other companies developers. For those that play Bioshock series you would know why Bioshock inf got delayed so much (by the time they got their game originally done they had to revamp it as the engine they were using was outdated and their game could of been so much better, so they spent more time upgrading the game to make it the best it could be before they released it. Which TTG could possibly do as well.) Now the good thing about ttg releasing their games in episodes is that we can see the improvements per episode and they wouldn't need to totally remake the game if they do upgrade their engine. As long as a major change isn't made the changes they make in newer episodes wouldn't make it incompatible with other episodes, but they could always do bug fixes and update older episodes much faster than remastering all of them.

    What could also happen is it takes too long for a release and they lose the fanbase they already have because people will get tired of waiting for a year or longer for the games to be released to the public. I personally program in C++ and made a few simple games but nothing like what ttg does and it is a lot of work to make good appealing games and what they have going for them now is good for a small development team as you all hate waiting right? Would you really want to wait 1-2 years for a full release or be able to play per episode and have chats about the games? I would prefer being able to play the games by episodes and maybe our opinions on what we like/didn't like and what we want to happen would be taken into consideration and we can help ttg by giving out opinions so that they can make the games more desirable (Although it is impossible to please everyone so they will just do their best.)

      • Thanks. I just put my two cents in. I can sympathize with TTG as it is a lot of work to make good games and it is a huge competition and they have to always upgrade their engines to keep up with other companies which isn't that easy to do especially if they made their own engine as they have to program it themselves which takes a lot of time and skill to do. I use UDK to make games and Unity 3D but I am just horrible at 3D gfx and story making xD. I am just a programmer and it takes way too long to make games with very few developers but it is a lot easier for the big companies to do as they can hire 1000's of developers to all work on it at once.

  • I've always been quite fond of episodic release as long as it's not a ridiculous wait. People complain about episode 2 not being out but I remember waiting this long for season 1 episode 2.
    3 and 4 month waits are another thing. I'm fine with 1 or two month waits, but after 4 months though, I'm a busy guy, I have to replay to remember what happened.
    Except how short S2E1 was, I've never had a problem with episodics, although I would've probably got the Wolf Among Us by now if it wasn't for that huge wait.

  • Everyone saying its make games better quality but with how short s1 ep1 was and delays i think is that taking on to many projects at once get WAU finished and TWD before concentrating on sorting out games of thrones or borderlands probably wrong

    • that is true but they have a lot of great ideas and us programmers/developers tend to get carried away and take on too many projects at once as we want to do all the projects we take on. But I do think that ttg should hire some more skilled developers so that they can push out these wonderful games a bit faster, but I can see it from their side as well. It is often hard for smaller companies to get skilled developers to join them and they tend to get a lot of applicants that don't have the skills they claim to have (At least I had to deal with those type of people before.)

      • true thanks for answering but will marketing not affect the choice as in picking a particular time GTA V was delayed couple months just to release on perfect time for game sales but also have rushed effect as in battlefield being release early to beat COD leaving a bugged full game

        • Yeah that is how competitions between developers get at times, they all try releasing their games faster then the competition and that tends to make the games suffer but bug fixes can always be applied.. but yeah it is better to take your time when developing games and get them perfect rather then releasing a crappy one and getting your fans pissed. But the companies that made the games you said all have tons of developers. They have at least 10x or more than TTG has.

          I forgot to say your welcome so I will say it now: Your welcome and thank you for taking the time to reply to my message.

  • They need to complete it and release every 2 weeks. By the time the next ep comes, I've already played at least 10 games and forgot some of the important small things, and when it comes out I start to freak out and try to remember everything. Could you imagine if the tv show coming out every 3-4 months?

    I really find it hard to believe some of you prefer the wait in between, because if you're like me, and I know you are, you complete it all the way thru as soon as get it.

    • Actually they don't need to do shit.

      • Jeez. It's just an opinion. Obviously, they don't HAVE to do anything, but it would be nice if they had a consistent schedule. Newspapers, magazines, television shows have deadlines and they have to meet them. Episodic releases should be handled in a similar manner. While waiting doesn't bother me, not knowing when my purchase will be available kind of does. That's my issue. If they want to take on all these new games, they ought to get their ducks in a row and be a bit more professional.

    • You kid have just made me LMFAO.. "They need to complete it and release every 2 weeks." Yeah you don't know anything about making games do you? No offense intended but it isn't so simple to make a game every 2 weeks even crappy games take a lot of coding to make and a lot of classes for controlling animations of the characters etc. I assume that ttg reuses their classes from previous games and just upgrade them and improve them and add onto them as most people do that anyways as there isn't much point in re-coding everything from scratch. If you can reuse it then it is best to do so as it makes less work to do.. I kinda got off track but what I am trying to say is it takes a lot of time and effort into making games, ttg is a small company so they just don't have the money to hire 1000s of developers like the huge companies do so I think we should consider ourselves lucky we get such high quality games cheaper than those 1-hit wonder games that we all beat the very first day and talk about for a week or so afterwards and then never touch again.. At least with TTG their games are replayable and are unique and enjoyable. I understand how hard it is to make a game so I am willing to just chill and wait for it to be released. I beat all games the first day I get them and grow bored of them, at least with TTG it kept me interested and had good replay value.

      • You 'kid' make me laugh to. I don't know how old you are, but looking at the way you type, your expressions and language I would bet I am alot older than you.

        I have used computers ever since the ZX80-81, Apple, Atari 400 and BBC Micro were first available. That was proper encoding, which took hours, even days to get the simplest games to run. Just to lose everything when the extra memory cartridge worked its way loose and the computer crashes. Remember, there was no backup as such. No hard drives, no disc drives only old fashioned cassette tapes which were about as reliable as Windows 98.

        I was writing and selling games for a popular company. And when the likes of the Commodore 64, Spectrum 48k and Atari 800XL came around, I couldn't design, write and get games out fast enough. It was easier though, as at least then the disc drive became affordable.
        So I do know a little about writing games.

        In my experience, customers will wait as long as you keep them updated. This is something that is totally alien to telltale though and it can only end badly.

        I have been around long enough to see dozens of gaming company's go under, that did brilliant games but treated their customers terribly. In the end, people deserted them.

        If telltale aren't careful, history will repeat itself. Yes they may have a game which right now people are crying out for and want really badly. But it won't last forever and people won't wait forever.

      • Unless you have a staff the size of EA you'd be a goddamn miracle worker to get a working Alpha in 2 weeks. Fuck coding Can you imagine just having to factor in all the variables even for different character outcomes just from 400 Days in two weeks? I remeber reading there are like 16 different combinations of people you could have in Tavias or the camp group.
        For games of this quality Tell Tale are miracle workers but you can only do so much unless you have big studio resources to throw at it.

        • Yeah I agree 100% it takes way too much time to make a game and even longer to make a good one. I made plenty of shit games for fun and testing my skills but there is no way in hell you could do it within 2 weeks. Maybe 2 months but even then it isn't that easy. Unless you have a team of skilled GFX artists, Programmers, Script Writers, Voice Actors that never sleep and work 24/7 and have no lives then it isn't possible to make a decent game within the timeframe TTG said they would release their games unless like you just said you have to have a staff the size of EA.

      • If a game is complete, why would it be hard to release the eps. every two weeks? Listen next time dummy. I didn't say anything about making anything in two weeks. I can tell ur one of those people who looks for ways to tell others that he's smart and the rest of us our idiots. It's cool, I was young once too. Hopefully you'll grow out of it. But then again, you could be right. I mean you teach people twice ur age, what do I know.

        • Listen? How do I listen to text? I think you mean READ and that makes even less sense as fans would have to wait years before the games are finished and my point was made the time they finish it their engine would most likely be outdated (Especially if they are using Unity 3D or one of the other public engines that get updated quite often.) and we would be seeing the same sh*t that happened to Bioshock infinite and many other games that took too long to finish and then had to be updated and improved before they were released to be the best they could be. So next time before questioning others intelligence you may want to use your brain as what your saying would cause us to have to wait way longer than we already have to wait and just isn't a very good idea anyways. I made it quite clear on why ttg does what they do and you need to grow up and stop being so immature. I admit I didn't notice the complete the game part but if you read my comments I explained why that wouldn't ever happen anyways, and your the one calling others "dummy" like a little kid. I mean seriously what kind of insult is that? Your just making yourself look like an unintelligent little kid that got butthurt because someone else's opinions come from real life experience and yours comes from not knowing a thing about game development, game engines, programming in general etc. etc. If you knew even a little bit about making games you wouldn't be making the comments your making, Now peace I am not going to argue with an immature little kid that likes calling others "dummy".

            • Thanks. I am still amazed at how TTG can release the games as fast as they do. My first game was a crappy 2D game coded in Unmanged C++ using SDL and I had to code a ton of classes just to do simple stuff like make the characters move and then to save the data into .xml format and even then it took me like 3 months to do and all it had was the basic stuff, no real plot just all the controls needed for an actual game. I was just using it for testing out my programming skills.

              Alt text

              Nothing really impressive but it is a bit of work to even make crappy games so I have a lot of respect and admiration for game companies like TTG.

              • Yeah I have dabbled in programming myself and I must say it takes a shit load of work to make such good quality games.

                • Yeah that is true it is good to see someone that agrees. I mean it is fun and all to make the games and see how they come out but it takes way too long to do and is a lot of work for one person to do and that is why people start development teams and game companies.

  • I like the whole episodic thing better. With each episode TT can make decisions based on the community and it could change the impact on the next episode which is a huge win for me because they can actually see how we feel about certain things and even the smallest changes to the story can make it better. However, a full release would just keep the original view of their story without seeing how the community feels about this person or that episode. That's just what I think :P

  • I'd only like the episodic method if they actually kept to their schedule. Or at least giving a more accurate schedule.

    If they said 'every 3 months' - then at least they'd never be later than they claim, and might even occasionally come out with the episode earlier and look like they're rushing to get stuff out ahead of schedule. When they say 'every 6-8 weeks then it's longer, it makes them look like they don't care about their customer base.

    Otherwise, I'd prefer them just coming out with all 5 episodes at once.

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