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Sure, there were never real choices in telltale games. (for example twd season 1:
what ever you did, it had the same outcome (to avoid extra scripts for example, we leave carly or the guy we could save instead at the inn and kill her/him off because of an instant quarrel))

Well in the wolf among us, first it seemed like they really wanted choices to matter. I even saved the prince and was shown a sequence about him in my "next on TWAU"-ending clip discussing about the body.

But in season 2 all my decisions seem not to matter, there are 2 different interrogation openings leading into one central plot with only one slight change: grendel's arm (cut off or still in int's place)

did I miss something (if this were even possible)?


  • Disappointed the game heavy rain proved that decisions can be decisive in these sort of games but with telltale decisions practically have no effect even found S2 twd even more linear even camera pushing you towards one direction and can't go back into the shed or anything but then again full game for 25 euro good price in current market but when wait month or three for hour and half chapter gamers deserve different endings every playthrough

  • It's clear they rewrote lots of Episode 2 (and, possibly, the rest of the series). It may be that they decided to take the final 3 episodes in a different direction than they planned, so they needed to tie up the threads they'd left from Episode 1.

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