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A lot of people who are playing or watching others play the game are wondering if reading the comics will affect the way they enjoy the game or if any spoils will happen because of it. In my opinion, I don't think the fact that I have read every comic spoils anything for the game for me. I have my suspicions, and I may have a better understanding to what is going on, but I absolutely love the game. I don't particularly care for spoils as most people do, but I think you should definitely read them even if it's after all the episodes come out. I won't post anything to spoil the game/comic right here, but if you want to know anything specific I can still answer those questions in the comments with a spoiler warning over top of it. Feel free to post any thoughts, although be considerate.


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    Is Bigby the strongest fable? (By raw muscle strength)

  • What fables appear in the comics which we didn't see in the game yet

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    It depends what you classify as a Fable, and how you judge strength. He's one of the strongest Fabletown citizens. But then you have people like Frau Totenkinder, and who knows how a fight between her and Bigby would go. My bet would be on the witch.

    By raw muscle strength, I would say yes, at least of the Fabletown denizens. Though Beast might match him when fully transformed.

  • True but any special mentions for certain fables who do great job in wolf among us game and are interesting

  • There's no reason why Flycatcher, Frau Totenkinder, or Cinderella couldn't turn up, and they're all awesome.

  • It could also be interesting to see Boy Blue, Pinocchio, Rose Red, or Prince Charming. Although, those last two might be a long shot due to continuity reasons. I don't know if they're in Fabletown at this time.

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    I would like to see Pinocchio, Flycathcer , Some animals from The farm , like Reynard the fox. But i also would like to see Toad in the comics.(I don't read everything yet but i never saw him.)

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    Rose Red has been in Fabletown the same amount of time as Snow, and based on the year we might see Prince Charming.

  • Now that I think about it, it's high time Doctor Swineheart came back to Snow and Bigby about those tests he's been running on Faith's head.

    And where's Flycatcher? He would fit right in to a Telltale game.

  • Yeah, I know Charming was just returning to Fabletown in the first issue, but I don't know how long he had been away for. So TWAU may or may not overlap with that period.

    I wasn't sure about Rose Red just because we know that she and Snow hadn't really seen much of each other for a long time prior to the start of the comics. I don't know if Rose stayed in Fabletown that entire time, or if she traveled like Charming. She's in Fabletown at the beginning of the comics. But even if she is in Fabletown, the fact that she hadn't seen Snow in so long might indicate that we won't be seeing her in the game given that Snow is such a central character.

  • I concur. There hasn't been a real comic relief character introduced into the game yet.

  • I know right. The trio of Boy Blue, Pinocchio, and Flycatcher would be awesome to see.

  • The game is set 20 years before the comics. Even if we did see Rose, two decades is still a long time.

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