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Luke's new Role as Clementine's caretaker, and as a mood influencing character.

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The piece of art that inspired this thread:

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It seems that in season 1, Lee was the practical voice of reason, and the person who got shit done, while Clementine was his hope.

In season 2, I see Luke adopting Clementine and him being her caretaker for most of the season, but in some ways the roles would be the other way around, with Luke being the hopeful positive guy, and Clementine being the practical voice of reason.

What do you guys think about Luke's role's as her caretaker as well as the bringer of hope, and Clementine's role as the practical character and the Getter of shit done?

The general idea is, Clementine in a few ways will become his caretaker, she will probably have to make some hard decisions that his kind nature prohibits him from making.

  • I know the guy that made that


  • I agree to a point. I have a major suspicion that Telltale is going to keep Luke in for the long hall, and from what we've seen so far, he's a fairly moral character (as opposed to pragmatic).

    What I disagree with is Lee being practical. I'll admit that you can play him as practical, but you can also play him as being more moralistic. He was definitely the person who got shit done though. I can't disagree with that.

    As for season 2, Luke is probably going to be more helpful to the group than Clem in most situations. The reasons for this are obvious. However, I do imagine the two of them providing hope for each other. Luke would be like an older brother she never had, and Clem might remind Luke of a younger sister he lost early into the outbreak (that's my pet theory anyways).

  • Hmm. Not sure about this. Luke may be sympathetic towards Clem but his primary commitment is still to his group. Those are the people he knows and has been around with for a while now. I'm not sure if his relationship with Clem will ever really be that of a caretaker, unless they get separated from the rest of the group. I'm also not so sure about him being the voice of hope. He's a pretty cheerful guy, sure, but I don't think he's innocent to the point where he'd need Clem to help him "get shit done."

    To me, a more likely character for a kind of "beacon of hope and optimism" role would be Sarah. She's older than Clem but possibly even more innocent and naive than Clem was in the beginning. Maybe Carlos gets killed off some point in the future and Clem will have to try to toughen Sarah up to help her survive now that her father is no longer there to take care of her.

    • Clementine: "I don't think the others will be happy with me staying." Luke: "They'll just have to deal with it." I think Luke prioritizes them both equally now that he has gotten to know Clementine.

      Luke takes initiative to get Clem some food and to talk to her afterward to see if she is okay the moment he realizes how badly he fucked up by letting the others lock her in the shed. He also convinces Nick to apologize to Clem, and gives Clem the opportunity to build a relationship with Nick by forgiving him. Also remember that Luke literally charged a group of walkers to save Clementine, and Pete had to save Luke (crossbows the walker behind him) as he was distracted by seeing if Clem was okay to see the walker that was behind him.

      I'm not sure if Luke is just a very morally driven person ('A dog attacks you and you just kill it? That's cold. You don't just kill dogs.') or if he is driven by the memory of a dead younger sibling that Clementine fills the emotional void of. Either way, he has A LOT of concern for Clementine, and it only builds up as the episode progresses and he gets to know her more.

      I think he feels a lot of guilt over the shed decision, and this will also drive him to try to look out for her more in the future.

      • I mean it's possible, but I just don't really see Clem really having any sort of "caretaker" in the group. Luke is definitely the Cabin member who's most on her side at this point and he would try to look out for her if he could (as would Pete if he survives). But that's different than becoming her caretaker, which to me suggests a level of commitment and responsibility above and beyond that towards another group member. Right now, I at most see Luke maybe becoming something of a confidant to Clem, like Carley was to Lee.

        The reason I think Sarah is going to be the important influence on Clem is because she embodies everything that Clem has lost over the past 16 months of her life: innocence, naivete, trustfulness, and optimism. Luke is a very nice, moral person, but he doesn't really provide Clem with anything special that she can't get from someone else. Sarah, on the other hand, is possibly the only person left in that world who's been completely untouched by its horrors. That makes her the one person who might be able to bring that spark of hope back to Clem.

      • Yeah I was pretty pissed at the group by the time Clem got out of that shed, but you're right. Luke's cool with me. So far him and Pete are the two most decent, and if you give Nick the chance to tell his story he seems ok, if unreliable. Kind of like a slightly more dangerous but less generally inept Ben.

        You're right about charging the walkers when Clem was injured too. He had her back, so I've got his until proven otherwise.

        Him and Pete (and Sarah if it turns out she isn't a psycho) are the only ones so far to act like decent human beings.

        • What about Alvin bro?

          • Yeah Alvin's ok dude, he gave Clem the Juicebox after all, he's just so obviously beaten down by that Hag-Raven of a wife he's afraid of his own shadow. He could've been a man about it and spoke up for Clem like Pete and/or Luke did. Instead he let Rebecca push him up onto the fence.

            He's ok, he's certainly one of the nicer people in the cabin BECAUSE he's been so passive, up to now. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his character and whether he steps up when we're forced to leave the cabin.

            I'm also gonna tell him about the baby first chance I get, because he deserves to know, and my Clem's not really into blackmail, she's too direct. I only told Rebecca I knew to let her know thou shalt not fuck with Clementine.

            I'm certainly not risking Clem's life for a moldy old bandage and a juicebox though.

            I reserve judgement.

            • I'm also gonna tell him about the baby first chance I get, because he deserves to know, and my Clem's not really into blackmail, she's too direct

              Ah yes, Clem being direct. My Lee always taught Clem to be direct. I'm gonna do the same.

    • To me, Sarah is more of a worry than anything. All she is to me is a worry that she is in danger, that her supreme naivety will get her or someone else killed. Clementine had her wits to temper and survive her own naivety, and to help her survive and grow beyond losing it. I know when I saw Sarah the only feelings I got were ones of concern and unsettlement. The reason why Luke strikes the hope into me is because he seems like such a moral person, even though he has survived the apocalypse and contributed as an adult so far, he hasn't lost any of his ethics or humanity. Furthermore, the fact that he cares about Clementine makes me feel a little more secure, and even a little hopeful: I know Luke will look out for her, though I do worry what that may cost him.

    • The thing is though, Clem and Luke are the only two in the group without family:

      Alvin/Rebecca - husband and wife
      Nick/Pete- uncle and nephew
      Carlos/Sarah - father/daughter

      I've always liked and hoped the idea of Luke being like an older brother figure to Clem. It makes sense. And I do believe he is going to be around for a long time because it makes no sense why they would credit Luke second behind Clem on the credits!!

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    I don't trust him at all. He's trying too hard to be friendly. I bet he's working for Craven.

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  • My art :D

    I don't think Luke will directly replace Lee, as you kind of said. He seems like he'll be more of an older brother to Clementine than a father figure, but Clementine will be the more serious one, which I think would add some much-needed comic relief now that Omid is gone :(

    • There are only really 3... maybe 4 people in that group that I like.

      Luke and Alvin seem to be the moral members of the group - favorites :) They're the ones who would have probably taken Clem into the house.

      Nick and Pete are also pretty moral, though they have some significant flaws - Nick doesnt think things through and hesitates and snaps, and Pete is too hard on Nick (though he's been really nice to Clementine)

      Meanwhile, the dead weight (no pun intended)

      Rebecca's the Larry of the group who everyone wants to see die. Belligerent, looking to start trouble, uncaring, cheats on Alvin, creates unnecessary drama which puts the group in trouble. She makes it impossible for anyone to want to trust her or like her or want to protect her when the crap hits the fan. At all. Except unlike Larry, she's pregnant so we'd rather wait until she has a baby before we want to see her be dead.

      Carlos is a jerk as well - if he's a doctor, he would know that leaving Clem in the shed with an untreated wound could cause her to die from the infection alone, even if it's not a walker bite. He's not only heartless, he's self-absorbed and unnecessarily belligerant about Clem using supplies on her own to survive. He's a father - he should be more sympathetic. Not to mention he's just setting up his daughter to be walker food with how he's sheltering her to this extent.

      Sarah - nice person, but naivety like that is a death sentence in the Walking Dead, especially if Carlos dies (which he likely will) Plus... considering the state of the world, she's spoiled if she thinks her father saying he loves her but is disappointed with her is 'the worst thing ever.' But that's more Carlos's fault for the insane level of sheltering he must be giving her. Has she never even SEEN a walker in the past 2 years? If she doesnt gain some real survival skills, she's dead and will probably get someone else killed in the process.

      I don't think anyone can replace Lee. There's no one in that group as self-sacrificing as Lee was, even if Luke is the closest in mentality to Lee.

  • My prediction: Kenny is the person that Clem thought was dead. Luke turns out to be a pedophile, Kenny kills him after he figures out his intentions.

    I'm probably wrong, but the bottom line... Luke is definitely hiding something.

  • I wanna see what Luke's all about in episode 2 before I come to any conclusions about him. It's great that he feels sad about putting Clementine in the shed and so sweet of him to give Clem food (what a grand gesture!), but he wasn't even going to give Clem the benefit of the doubt at first. That was Pete's doing.

    Right now, it's easy to warm up to him because he sympathizes the most with Clementine. That's really not saying much when Carlos is only worried about his daughter, Sarah is a psychopath, Rebecca hates you, Alvin's a pussy, Pete's bitten/dead and Nick's lost/a loose cannon. Let's see the group get put in a difficult spot and see how he handles things.

    As of right now, I like Luke. I do. Guy seems cool and genuine. I just wouldn't bet my life that he actually is yet.

    • I think it's a shame that Pete is going to be dead no matter what. Even if you save him, he's going to turn. Even if you cut off his leg. It would actually be cool if Telltale made it so there's a possibility of Pete SURVIVING, at least a couple of episodes. But he's not going to - it's going to be a Doug/Carley faux choice all over again. Both Pete and Nick are going to be dead.

  • Who says Luke isn't a complete bastard underneath everything yet. Let's see what happens before we start acting like he's the next Lee.

  • It seems to me part of the point is Clementine coming into her own, so I don't think she's going to need a caretaker. That's what Chuck was trying to get across. Whether he initially takes that role, a large part of the season would mean proving that he doesn't need to.

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