Interested in re-living the beginning of the epidemic?

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Come enjoy some "quality moments" in The Walking Dead: Episode 1 on my stream. Decisions made will come with consequences no one could ever imagine (that is if you haven't already played the game through). Suspense turns to horror, reveals tragedy, engages redemption, eludes to a greater struggle, and wipes clean the slate of all standards.


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    Back at it. Now into Season 1 Episode 2. Things are getting twisted.

  • I miss season 1 ... the good old times! Keep up the videos :)

  • Hah season 1 is amazing! Thanks my friend, i appreciate the support! I am streaming Season 1 Episode 4 for a while tonight, starting now.

  • What do you mean? Is it like a stream? I've never used twitch. Are you going to do an evil Lee and kill shit and burn people? If so I am potentially interested

  • Yep, i am streaming the game. So you can make decisions with me and laugh at or with me as we progress through the story. I have made a few crazy decisions, but ill leave it up to the viewer to decide if i am an "evil lee" or not ;)

    Come by sometime and see what you think. Make sure to say hi and mention this forum post ! :P

  • Another late night foray into undead plague!

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