• Well, my guess is that Crane is not the killer. It's too early for the killer to be revealed anyway. I think it was just a twist. Basically, Crane is obsessed with Snow, he had been seeing Lily and he had specfically requested the Snow White glamour. That's about as much as we can deduce, I think. I don't think that they're building up to Crane as the murderer.

    Snow's appearance did seem sudden. But, did she ever say that she was at the Woodlands at any point that night? She says that she went to investigate the body at the river. Surely the authorities wouldn't leave the head on the steps for very long. We don't know when she got back. But I agree that her whereabouts are a mystery. Something doesn't fit.

    • My guess for your last point is that originally Bigby was going to participate in the retrieval of the body (you know, as a guy who can hold his breath for weeks and everything), but they had to cut that part.

  • Why do you think Crane is the killer? You REALLY think that they would reveal the killer's identity 2/5 of the way through a murder mystery?

    While the episode's quality was spotty in places, complaining about this is just silly.

    • It's interesting how you've pointed out so many discrepancies in the whole "Crane is the killer" thing, and yet you seem to believe it anyway.

      Also Snow was undoubtedly going to come back, as this game is a prequel to comic series where she is obviously alive.

      EDIT: omg, sorry, this was supposed to be a comment on the original post, not yours

  • There is a reason it doesn't add up: it's only in episode 2.

  • I'm interested in who it is that can get into the office to use the mirror?
    maybe its the monkey, lol

  • What makes you think Crane is the killer? You can be certain that he's not. Since there is no mention in the comic books of Crane ever having been a serial killer, they could not suddenly make him one now since this is a prequel.

    • That logic only works on those who have read the comics.

    • The only thing that you can definitely say about Crane from the 2 episodes so far is: 1 - he's a dick to work for, 2 - he has a temper, 3 - he's a sleaze who wants to molest Snow White. And I think we can stipulate that he was the one to purchase the black market glamour (based upon his uncomfortable demeanor when that was found on the body).

  • The episode made perfect sense to me.

    It sounds like you are confused because your not following the hints and clues.

    Everyone in Fabletown seems to have secrets to hide. Most of them have little or nothing to do with the murders directly.

    All the points you make suggest to me that your not paying attention, or just not paying attention to the right things.

    A example is that with dialog with Snow she tells exactly where she was and what she was doing. I think you need to replay it.

  • Crane isnt the killer, he's just at the top of the suspect list now. It really is way too early to reveal that. That would they do with the next three episodes?

  • Crane is a deputy major and has a secret. He lusts for Snow White and that would be in character for the creepy little lecher. He has been meeting with the troll Lily while she uses a glamour to look like Snow.

    If you pay attention to the way Crane trys to direct the dialog when viewing the body and in other places its very telling.
    He doesn't want his pervy secret to get out.

    He's a perv with bad priorities and incredibly selfish, but not the killer.

    Its helpful to be familiar with the actual fable stories. Ichabod Cranes story has him lusting for a young woman outside his acceptable social circle. That's the original story anyways. It got him in trouble that time too.

    Read a book from time to time.

  • Crane is involved, there are clues everywhere in episode 2 of this. The only way Crane is the killer is if the ending of the game will be Cindy coming into the hotel room in Paris with Crane. That would explain more than just the game. Episode 4 would have to be quite long. Once upon a time, there was a wolf, who ruled the land, he was much feared, but soon mended his evil ways, and all were happy.

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