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400 days characters.

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What do you think happened to the 400 days characters when they went with tavia? In my game everyone went with tavia, do you think they got screwed over? I'm confused on how they will make an appearance in EP2 hm.. Theories anyone?

  • I think Telltale said that they will make an appearance. I hope that they'll not die in 1 chapter or so...

  • Would be a twist if the group that went with Tavia got screwed over, while the ones that stayed behind remained safe and sound.

    Then we'd have to argue which one was the true perfect ending, hm?

    Knowing Telltale...

    • That would explain why they seemed to make Bonnie the least likable character in appearance and backstory.

      You know, since Bonnie is the only one who goes with Tavia no matter what, it would make sense to auto-kill the least liked character first. Though I don't think Telltale would do that. If Tavia's group is the group that gets fucked over(if either group gets fucked over) I think Telltale would allow us to keep all of the group back away from Tavia.

      The fact that at least one of the characters HAS to go with Tavia probably means that at least one has to go with her so they can influence the plot in some way. That may also mean that the group that stays behind will not influence the plot, or at least not much.

  • Knowing this game I don't expect any of them to survive but I hope we get time to explore their stories.

  • My idea is that either you only meet the ones in the comunitty or you met everyone. If you met everyone I guess the ones who stayed at the camp will only make kind off an appearence as part of a group before dying, you can evne interact with them for a while but they die in one episode. About the ones at the communitty I'm guessing you met them all BUT then you have to decide who you survive (like 1 or 2), problably just one since you may play it the way that only Bonnie gos to the camp... The fact that Bonnie allways goes to the camp can be some indicator or not, we'll see

    • I've seen screenshots of people who managed to get her to not go to the camp. It's just that 99% of the choices result in her going, not sure on what dialog option makes her not go. Who knows, possibly even a bug.

      • I don't think so. What ever they did was probably a hacked game screen or edited with Photoshop or something similar.

        I thought I remembered having a playthrough of everyone staying behind at camp including Bonnie, but I tried to replay it a couple of times and get her to stay, no go.

  • id literally be pissed if all 400 days characters die if they went with tavia bc in my game tHEY ALL WENT

    • Thet can't kill all of them, I hope. And I don't want them to be just victims in this season two. Anyway what about characters that remaind at the camp? Will be there a possibility to find them? I hope so, but I think we would find their dead bodies or zombies :/

    • Personally I don't think it makes a difference. I have 2 saves. 1 in which all my characters go with Tavia and the other where they all stay except for Bonnie as no matter what she goes either way. Basically i don't think it matters, I'd say they all end up at Tavia's somehow like they could change their mind or something and all I think will change is a bit of dialogue if you left some back at the camp. Sadly there is no story branching but it be incredibly awesome if they did one day

  • We might get a trailer tomorrow ayy

  • No trailer, no news so far

  • I think my group was about a 50/50 split between Tavias group and staying. So whatever happens should be interesting to see. I'm thinking that Tavias group is also threatened by Carvers group leading to an enemy of my enemy is my friend scenario.

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