Kirkman and Frank got screwed by AMC, Telltale, be wary.

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Don't trust AMC with your creative material if you have a choice.

Just don't.

Just keep making good stories, and make sure that all your bases are covered when you deal with AMC. It seems they will take any chance they can get to fuck content creators over and ruin their stories for maximum profits.

For an actual discussion title: Do you guys agree with this sentiment?

I'm pretty sure AMC are just terrible people, but I would like this forums opinion to temper my own.

But yeah reason I posted was because I got genuinely scared about the fate of TWD considering Kirkmans relationship with AMC and his own slight power over Telltale's decisions.



  • This thread was made in response to the suggestion by Kirkman to have show and GAME crossovers. This is a bad idea, considering that it's already been established that the show inhabits a different story to the game and comic (the game and comic are consistent with each other, the show is not).

  • Too bad TWD isn't on HBO.

  • People say it as if characters couldn't be BASED off of characters from the game
    Based I wouldn't mind but not if they're meant to be the exact same characters

  • EDIT: CHanged title from 'Learn from their mistakes' to 'Be wary'. More the message I was trying to send, U SHUD LERN seemed a bit condescending.

  • I have no idea what you're talking about.

  • ^ yep. I wouldn't mind seeing Clementine or whatever in the TV show, but if they move my Clem from the game to the show I would be pissed.

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    Frank for a lack of a better word is a douche. It's like "Oh yeah Scott Gimple? Yeah he was one of the original writing staff I want him to continue the series on my behalf" then as Frank's new show Mob City starts doing horrible " Oh screw that AMC they knocked me out of a job urgh i'm so mad i'm going to go sue them now. Oh Scott Gimple is showrunner now oh.....oh RUN HIM INTO THE GROUND TOO RAAAWWRRRR mad" So yeah I don't agree with how AMC treated him or the series as a whole (they've gotten better on this part for sure) but after his recent little stunt I don't feel sorry for Frank Darabont.

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    Please, watch the video.

  • No, DO NOT watch the video. It's some douche complaining about his OCD problems with the show. If you feel like you have to so you'll know what OP's talking about watch from about 11mins until he starts bitching about season 2 shot by shot.

    Basically Frank Darabont took a budget cut between seasons 1 and 2, had to shoot way more episodes, and got fired. You didn't need a 27 minute video to say that, it took me one sentence.

  • Little thing to mention - the reason T-Dawg had a fever and was getting delirious was because his wound from getting cut was infected (not zombie infected.... just infected infected) which can give a fever and do all the things that were happening to T-Dawg. He wasnt 'sick' - Daryl gave him some antibiotics from Merle's stash for the infection.

  • I miss Frank. To be fair, it seems that the TV show crew lays off their showrunners almost every season. Who is it, Gimple now? I'll give him until the middle of season five. I stopped watching the show after season 3 as I couldn't bear Mazzara or the cringe-worthy writing.

    I just really hope Telltale doesn't strike a deal with AMC or something for a spinoff.

  • Maybe it's an experiment by AMC, how long they can keep a show running while constantly stripping it's budget and firing all of it's writers.

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    There actually is a TWD spinoff coming out around 2015 or so nothing indicates Telltale is involved or anything. I like the way Gimple is handleing things now it was also confirmed he would infact be returning to do Season 5 I honestly hope he sticks around awhile. Don't get me wrong I do REALLY like Season 3 but the pacings at times was horrible and they pretty much killed off anyone they could at that point so so so surprised Carol and Beth aren't dead yet.

  • Considering the writers of the show would change them so much (and for the worse), what would even be the point of a direct character crossover?

  • There's just so many other channels if Tellltale wanted to do an animated series.

    Oh wow. Imagine that. An animated TWD series by Telltale. (About other characters than Clem or Rick obviously). Making a thread for this,because I clearly don't make enough threads.

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    If they ever make an Animated Series of TWD, It should follow the Comics.

  • Why can't they do both? (randomish stories animated series and true comic adaption by Telltale)

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  • I doubt they would make a connection, there would be no way to get the characters just right

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    You don't get the point of AMC doing a crossover? Here, I will show you the point.

    Alt text

  • Heh, I know that. I meant the point for us, Telltale, and for Clementine's story. I don't give a shit about how much goes into AMC's pockets, I care about protecting Telltale's and Kirkman's stories from being ruined.

  • What if the crossover is that they will make Lilly appear in the show instead? By the sound of the way the community praises Kenny, nothing of much importance would be lost. Also isn't Season 2 way ahead of how far the TV-show has gone chronologically?

    It's really the only thing I can see happening if that's the case.

  • Telltale will be fine.

  • There is going to be piles and piles of bloodfroth haterage if they go "Oh yeah, a couple of years after the events of the game's Season 2..." and turn Clem emo or something. I wouldn't put it past AMC.

    Please, Telltale, do not give control of your characters to AMC under [b]any[/b] circumstances, unless you really just want to troll your entire fanbase. All the characters you and your players worked so hard to develop will become parodies of themselves. The rage will shred its way through the Internet.

  • More or less the entire Telltale fanbase reaction were that atrocity of an event to come to pass:

    Alt text

  • Kirkman seems to be very involved in the show so I dont know how you think he got screwed. Frank Darabont was unfortunate but maybe if people weren't complaining so much that the show was too slow when he was running it, maybe he would still be around. As for the game crossing into the show universe, Ive never been keen on that idea just because I dont think it would satisfy fans of the game.

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    He is locked into trying to keep a show based off his creation alive while AMC fires the good show runners producing it and constantly cuts the budget despite the fact that the show was only growing in profit and popularity.

    They fired Frank because he protested against them cutting the budget on a project that was going well. I.e. He was perfectly logical in assuming that when you cut the funding to something while it is in it's growth stage, you fuck it over by stunting it's popularity growth.

    AMC did it to save money. They didn't do it because 'people were complaining' about the pace. The pace of season 1 was blisteringly fast compared to season 2's fucking mess of a farm festival.

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    I'd also like to remind you that it was AMC's decision to stretch the farm content over an entire season to save money and maximize profits at the expense of the entertainment value of the show due to slower than a frozen turtle pacing.

    In Frank's Season 1, they covered roughly one issue of the comic;s worth of content every episode, plus some extra ideas added in. It was really, really fast, especially compared to season 2 and 3. Season 2 stretched 2 issues of content over 13 episodes, creating a shitload of nonsensical filler to breach the gap! (Well-Walker Scene, I'm judging you pretty hard right now) If that isn't wasting the viewers time to maximize profits, I don't know what is.

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    Here's something that will interest you, I just got some new data suggesting that Frank was responsible for the first half of season 2, whereas the new show runner is whom sped up the second half of season 2. Anyone want to try to research/confirm/Deny this? Because I'm tired as hell.

  • Boo on them for actually trying to make the show profitable, the beasts. I have to differ with you on your complain that every episode of the first season was one issue of the comic. That sure wasnt the show I saw and Ive read the comics. The only episode that resembled the comic was the very first one. After that, people were flipping out that the show was going so far off script. That wasnt Frank's doing? Im not complaining because I didnt mind that the show was going its own path but creatively it went away from the comics fairly early.

  • Not much of a point other than to draw some people in from the game to the show. Personally I don't care if they do that, it wouldn't interest me or draw me in, but I wouldn't resent them for it.

  • I meant what I said a simple google search on Frank Darabont sues AMC will give you all the info you need......

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    So let me get this agree with some guy who after his current show started getting poor ratings (it's cancelled now lol) decides to go and try to sue AMC and possibly hurt the person and or persons he himself wanted to succeed him.....LOL OKAY.

  • That is correct actually there were several deleted scenes even for the early half of the second season that didn't ultimately make it since Frank was fired. They are however on the Season 2 DVD set.

  • LOL someone is a child i'll leave it at that but if someone like this happened within Telltale you'd absolutely lose your shit.

  • Nay, I just didn't read it.

    I actually have no idea what you are saying and honestly don't care about this thread.

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