• No. When Bigby asks the Woodsman why he did it, the Woodsman thought Bigby was talking about Red Riding Hood, not Faith.

    The Woodsman initially was angry with Faith because he asked if she knew who he was and she did not. He doesn't like that he has faded into obscurity. It talks about that a bit under his profile.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    No, He started beating on her because she didn't know he was so he felt disrespected I guess, And also because he was expecting Lilly since he was a regular of her and Faith was the one that showed up

  • Maybe he tought Faith was Lilly that was using another glamour.I think that it wasn't the first time when Wood got a prostitute.Maybe he "did it"" some time ago with Lilly and "failed" to do it somehow.I think he tried to do it multiple times with Lilly but when Faith showed up he was too drnk to think that she wasn't Lilly.I tought about that when I found Lilly's ticked that was supposed to be delivered to Faith.

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    Wow, I get it now. Woody wanted to rob Red Riding Hood, but it was Faith's house. They look alike to be honest. So, when he came, inside Bigby was lying in bed with grandma. Later when Faith asked him for money, Woodsman felt very disrespected.

  • Actually, Woody tells you why he beat around Faith if you arrest him. He was expecting Lilly. Lilly usually let him get off the hook if he couldn't pay for it. However that night Faith covered for Lilly.

    Faith, unlike Lilly, did not approve of not paying her. That's why he smacked her around. That is what Lilly was going to tell Faith in her note ("Thanks for covering, however there is something I need to tell you first).

  • The whole robbing Red Riding Hood story took place centuries before the game. Woody is talking about his past. He was beating Faith because she wouldn't give him a freebie like his regular girl, Lily often did.

    My guess is that it's widely known at this point in time that Red Riding Hood "didn't make it out" of the Homelands as Bigby says when looking at the book in the office. So, Woody would have known that she wasn't in the mundane world.

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