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An animated TWD series by Telltale. (Spoilers)

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What do you guys think about the idea of an animated TV or web series by Telltale?

It would be a different group of survivors to Rick's or Lee/Clem's, and set in the comic/game universe, not the character annihilating TV-Universe. Also, Not on AMC, because fuck those guys.

What do you guys think? What if they were all short stories briefly showing the lives of the characters of the games prior to and after their involvement. Lets say they do 5 concurrent stories, so an hour episode you get 20 minutes of each character and their story, then after a few weeks some of their stories conclude just before they reach TWD game's story, and the show uses that individual 20m chunk of time to explore a different character.

Some ideas: (Please contribute your own ideas, Non-determinate entries only, so Vince and the guy he chose to not shoot would be a No No as in invalidates the choice made by the player.):

Nate and his friend in the days before Eddie shot him. I think Nate was unbalanced before, but what pushed him over the edge was the death of his friend, this would be great to explore.

The girl who shot Omid. I would actually like to see an outline of the events that led her up to that point for some reason. I'm not really sure why, I just want to know more about Omid's killer for some reason.

Omid and Christa before Lee's group.

Ben and his friends, the fate of his class, etc.

Mark and his time before and in the airforce base.

A 20m mini episode showing how Doug saved Carley before episode 1 of the game.

A deeper exploration of Molly and her sister in Crawford, and perhaps afterward.

Lee's Family. I don't want it to show up in the game, as I like the feeling of Lee never knowing (and we all feel a little bit like Lee when we are playing the game), but I would like to see the tragic fate of his family explored in

And perhaps some season 2 characters as well: Sam/his human family, Luke, Carlos and Sarah, Nick and Pete, Alvin and Rebecca.

OH Crowning Idea: an animated hour long arc (3 20m chunks, 1 each week) gradually showing the 16 months the Mystery character (I thought you were dead!) spent searching for Clementine.

Any good (non-determinant) Ideas? What do you guys think about the Idea of a Telltale TWD animated series (Not on AMC) (Set in the comic and game universe)(Not about Rick or Clem/Lee)?

  • A 20m mini episode showing how Doug saved Carley before episode 1 of the game.

    Now this, I'd like to see. I wanna see how Doug saved Carley and how he manhandled those walkers.

  • 2 upvotes in two minutes, I feel pretty good, thanks guys!

    But please give me your ideas.

    My crowning Idea of ALL FEELS!

    A 3 part (3 20m chunks, 1 20m chunk per week) episode about the fates of two people very special to Clem. Ed and Diana.

    My feels were not ready when I typed that sentence.

    • Yeah, this would also be interesting. Like how'd they end up being walkers? Who got them? Couldn't they have just got home when the whole apocalypse went down?

      • Remember that they did survive being trapped inside the quarantine of Savannah for a few days.

        Oh wow. What about this: Once per episode, Diana makes one of the recordings that Lee hears in Episode 1.

        The last episode frantically makes her final call to Clementine, just as walker Ed breaks the door down, the 'camera' cuts to Lee checking their voice mail in the animated series style, then Clem contacts Lee, tells him her name, and then the screen goes black. End credits. Have Clementine's theme 'alive inside' from the game play in the final credits for the final episode of that arc.

  • A 20 minute episode of Carley trying to figure out how to put the battery in her phone.

  • A 20 Minute Episode on the St. Johns! I'd really like to see what they were like before the ZA and what pushed them into cannibalism.

    • The Idea has potential, I'm not sure how to write it though. Maybe it just shows their start of darkness, maybe, somehow they were decent people before the apocalypse. I doubt it though.

      • Who knows? They were probably in position where they where starving as hell, which led them to being cannibals

        • Maybe. My guess is that someone got hurt and they figured "Waste not want not" or something...Or maybe that hurt individual gave them the idea him/herself... In the comics, Rick's group runs into cannibals so maybe it might not have been an intentional idea, but the person was fleeing from that type of situation.

          • Could be...maybe they followed the McDonald's/KFC quote: "If you loved our fried chicken, then it didn't die in vain!"

            • Maybe the reason Terry ST.John isn't around any more is because he was cannibal victim #1

              • Maybe, probably he was dying so they had to eat him...

                • that was my theory any ways. idk if you were on the forums last year but people theorized that Terry st.john was the stranger. Im honestly surprised as much as people loved to bring him up nobody has said he was who clem was talking about with the "I thought you were dead."

                  • Nah, wasn't here last year. i only joined a day before S2 was released XD. But anyways, Being Terry St. John the one who Clem thought was dead would be just absurd. It was implied clearly in S1Ep2 that Terry St. John was "gone" or most likely "dead".

                    • Have you read some of these absurd theories? I figured he's more than likely dead, just surprised nobodies decided on giving him his own discussion yet, given how many people try to come up with the most random person lol.

                      on another note im also surprised you haven't changed your profile pic to mega gengar. That was honestly my first thought when I noticed you changed your profile pic haha

                      • Lol otherwise my user name would be Mega Gengar then XD. Its a shame I can't change my username. And yes, I've already seen a lot of crazy ass theories like Clem's parents were actually alive and they have to kill Lee, Lee had a twin, Christa was gonna be the PC at S2, The St. John brothers being the one who Clem thought was dead and all that crap.

                        • The funniest one was when everybody's favorite gal Carley got shot point blank in the face they kept coming up with theories that she some how survived that XD They had to give her a special guest appearance in 400 days just to shut that crowd up lol. Denials a powerful drug apparently.

                          Not to sound like a complete nerd, but technically mega evolution doesn't change their name. Mega Gengar is more of a fan made name, to shorten down the phrase "Gengars mega evolution form"..... Well that's enough of my dorkiness for one day lol

                          PS. Regular Gengar looks cooler than his mega evo any way

                          • PS. Regular Gengar looks cooler than his mega evo any way

                            Totally with you on that one man.

                            The funniest one was when everybody's favorite gal Carley got shot point blank in the face they kept coming up with theories that she some how survived that XD They had to give her a special guest appearance in 400 days just to shut that crowd up lol. Denials a powerful drug apparently.

                            Hahaha lol, yeah theories like "Carley must be alive, Telltale said 'Carley will remember that' so she has to be alive" XD.

  • Villains edition:

    Winston and his group of 3. (I'm assuming they won't be explored in season 2, I'm pretty sure they all got killed by Carver in EP1 or Clementine/Walkers) How they went from being normal people to becoming ruthless bandits.

    The St Johns Start of darkness (thanks Clvr)

    A 20m short story about the downfall of The stranger, from his perspective.

    The motor-inn/dairy bandits and Jolene/her kid. Not sure if too dark or just dark enough for the walking dead. I'm pretty sure Telltale implied that the bandits gave the kid to the St Johns.

    Crawford arc: I think Crawford Oberson's story should run parallel to Molly's, doctor Logans, and Molly's sister and also Anna. In 3 20m chunks:

    Act one would show Crawford Oberson designing and starting Crawford, him growing suspicous of Vernon's groups potential threat (cancer patients), Molly and her sister joining, Molly starting her deal with Dr. Logan, then the episode ends with some of Vernon's group being executed and the rest escaping without a trace, Molly realizes just how bad the place is. Also, drama with Anna.

    Act/episode 2 would start from Oberson's perspective, with him trying to purge further weakness from his camp, it would be all about Molly's sister, Molly, and Logan trying to conceal Anna's baby and Molly's sisters diabetes. By the end of the episode, Crawford nearly finds out about Anna but narrowly fails. Logan tells Molly about breaking the deal, after which Crawford manages to find out about Molly's sister anyway, resulting in her death at the hands of a Crawford execution squad.
    The episode ends with Anna stabbing the doctor and about to try to shoot her way out of Crawford, and Molly fleeing Crawford after failing to rescue her sister in time.

    Act/episode 3: Molly witnesses the mental breakdown and massacre of Anna towards many other Crawfordians before they can put her down, and Molly uses the chaos caused by the reanimating Crawfordians to only barely escape Crawford. Oberson desperately tries to save his society, but as his men fall one by one to the walkers, he retreats to the top of the bell tower. As Molly looks back at Crawford from a distance, she hears the gunshots lowering in number, and hears/see's Crawfords bell tolling in the distance, then the episode ends.

  • The Idea is to have original characters and their stories mixed in with expansions of the characters from Telltale's game and their stories, that way there is a constant varied mix of expanded content from Telltale game's and purely original content written by Telltale for the animated series (elements of which might show up in TWD game later on).

  • Nice idea, but realistically speaking: If TT were to ever do something like this, it would end up never getting released because of delays. And we would also never see episode 3. TT would basically evolve into the company that is Valve. Heck, they are already operating in valve time anyway.

  • I've got the intro already(Not mine):

    • That's cool, but I don't think it fits the idea of dozens of different short animated stories.

      • I know, I posted it just because it exists.

        • Actually, while we are on the topic of intro's, something looking like this could be appropriate (though not centered around Rick obviously).

          What do you guys think?

          • Wow, that was awesome!

            ...Also, this made me think of how much better Tony Moore's art is to Charlie Adlard's. No offense to Adlard, but I honestly think that the comics would be better if Moore had stayed on as the artist. The work he did on the first book was amazing.

              • Can you perhaps explain WHY you think Adlard's art is better?

                I think Tony moore's art was much better because there was a lot more detail into his work, as opposed to the background being mostly blank for the first few books that Adlard did. Tony Moore was also better with Gray Scale, although I suppose that's more comparing him to Cliff Rathburn than Adlard. I also liked the design behind a lot of the characters better, with the exception of Lori. My biggest thing against Adlard's artwork is how he designs the characters. Mainly Carl... Up until some of the most recent books, Carl was drawn(or at least designed) horribly.

                I also just really don't like the blank white, again, more Rathburn's fault than Adlard's, but I can't stand it, and the lack of background in many of the books just makes it look worse.

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                  GOUSTTTT BANNED

                  I like Adlard's art better because it's more gritty & shows more emotion imo, Not saying Moore's art is bad but i like Adlard's art better.

                  • I get gritty, though he doesn't draw blood as well in my opinion, but yeah, it's definitely more gritty.

                    I don't think it shows more emotion though. He seems to mess up drawing faces... Quite a lot actually. I think Moore's got Adlard beaten on the "more emotion" front. In fact, if you want an example, look at the "We ARE the Walking Dead" speech, and look at Ben and Billy's faces. Also, he seems to draw Abraham's face incredibly odd a lot.

                    I might understand more emotion of the walkers, but only in the most recent books. Earlier on, I still think that Moore's walkers had more emotion. And I still think they're better because they've got a hell of a lot more detail.

                    The one thing that I really liked that Moore did in the first book was even how he designed the panels on the pages. Some were crooked, or overlapped a larger scene, or a larger panels would overlap smaller panels a bit, etc. It seemed to have a lot of thought put into it.

                    Larger scene's also had much more detail, comparing any large scene in the prison to the one scene at night in the Atlanta Camp in the first book(Rick is talking to Shane at night, it shows the whole camp)... I've got to pick that one large scene that Moore did over any that Adlard did in the prison, or even past then for a couple books.

                    Not that I don't like Adlard's style as well, I just don't like his actual work more than Moore's most of the time. In fact, I do find the art in All Out War a little better than the norm, but I think that's because of Stefano Gaudino's fantastic ink work.

          • I just noticed that the "The Walking Dead" Is from Telltale's and not the comics or the TV Show. Which is odd.

  • Stories I'd like to see:

    Anna Correa escaping from Crawford, trying to survive, and later on, keeping the baby alive.

    Kenny and his family's journey through Atlanta.

    How Vernon's and Roman's group joined up.

    What happened to Vernon?

    What happened to Roman's group?

    • What happened to Vernon?

      He's dead. In 400 Days, Joyce says: "We lost Brie and Vernon because we trusted the strangers!"(I'm not sure this is exactly what she said). Note that she mentions Brie and Vernon were "lost", and we all know Brie's fate. I'm assuming Vernon is dead not just because this is his likely fate, it's also because I hate his hairy wrinkly ass.

    • I thought that Anna got shot down after killing like 5 or 10 guards. Remember that like everyone in Crawford was armed, and most of them were ruthless.

      I just assumed everyone thought that.

    • In addition:

      How Leland and Dee found Bonnie

      Lee's trial?

      What happened to Lee's wife

      Glenn making his way from the Motor Inn to the Atlanta Camp

      When Hershel started to collect Walkers(Maybe shortly after Lee and the rest left?)

      Something really small, but still interesting to me, how the train from Episode 3 crashed? The Engineer for example, what happened to him?

      • The engineer would be a good idea. I think the more obscure and less explored the character, the more important it is to tell their story. So to me the most important one to me would be the Engineer and Lee's wife. The main comic and game characters being focused I just find to be less interesting as they have already been explored pretty thoroughly. Telltale may want to explore Lee's wife's fate in their game though, so that might not be possible (but if they have no such plans, a series like this would be the perfect place for her character).

        I thought that Bonnie was just getting counselling from Leland when shit hit the fan (Bonnie had an addiction and Leland was her councilor).

        Lee's trial by itself doesn't seem to be a good idea. Although I would like Lee's trial to feature in someone else's story for example, like Carley's crew covering the trial in Carley's arc, and an arc about another character or set of characters who went to Lee's trial, such as a judge or the police officer pair who were the first responders to Lee's murder.

        • I thought that Leland and Dee found Bonnie after the Turn, because at on point, I'm pretty sure Leland says something along the lines of "When we found you you were still pretty hooked on that stuff".

          And maybe when exploring a character like Lee's wife, we'd get a few flashbacks to the trial?

          • Your point about Dee and Leland makes sense.

            With Lee's wife, that is another good way of doing it.

          • There's good reasons for multiple characters to have links to Lee's trial. I think it's good to give characters some things in common, also builds that sense of a shared world.

            • Yeah, I really do want to know what happened during the trial. At the beginning, the police officer said something along the lines of, "Hell, even if you was innocent, big messy trial like that, lot of what was done can't ever be undone."

      • The way I think about it, the premises for episodes should be less about events that happen to characters (So I wouldn't premise Ed's and Diana's as 'How Ed and Diana died'), and more about showing snippets of those characters actual lives and how the apocalypse affected them (EG Ed and Diana's last days in Savannah).

        Sorry, I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but I'll just leave it as that for now.

      • Not sure if it was obvious but I did mean those comments as compliments. Those are good ideas that just need to be explored in different ways in my opinion. So another one would be for Glenn to meet a different character before he made it to Carleys group, like the cops that arrested Lee in their story, and that's how he definitely knew about Lee's past. By the end of the episode, they would be separated by circumstance from the major character of the different work or the two groups would separate for their own reasons. Or as a shock the non 'Glenn or Herchel' characters die horribly even thought they are the main characters of their story, and a scared Glenn makes his escape as the episode ends.

        (I am aware Telltale implies that he knows because of the fact that he delivered pizzas to the Everett's, I just meant that as an example of how you would tie in the major characters of different works, by having them show up only briefly).

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