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'The Little Mermaid?'

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I hope we see more of her side! Isn't she like some stripper though?

  • Yes, she us a stripper. I hope we see more of her, I like that she helped Bigby in the best way she could by getting him a room at the Open Arms to investigate

  • To find out who she was broke my heart.

    I hope that before the end of the game, Snow will succesfully bring this wind of change in Fabletown she talked about earlier in the game, and that some of the most unfortunate Fables will escape their miserable fate.

    I've managed to control myself as Bigby when confronting Georgie, but if I ever see him actually mistreating the Little Mermaid, I'll unleash the beast and he will regret the day he became a pimp.

    • Right on. Her backstory sounds excruciatingly painful, nobody should ever mistreat her from what we've seen of her so far!

  • Georgie also had a 'Kiss the girl' tattoo on his chest, thought that was a nice detail from telltale games!!! (:

  • Yeah that was so sad to see that it was her. I'm with you, I'll go beast mode on Georgie if he touches her lol. Glad I could give her all my money, hopefully she can leave the strip club with that money

  • If you look on the wiki, the actual little mermaid story is extremely sad.

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    Butt-head BANNED

    What kind of mermaid is she? Her legs are real, not glamoured. That's what she told Bigby. Maybe "little mermaid" is her artistic nickname.

  • I think she'll be the next victim, the two people killed were both prostitutes too.

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