Failing the Quick Time Events

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For anyone who is interested, I recorded all the times you FAIL quick time events.

If you're a pro gamer like me, often you never see all the hard work the animators put into the fail/death animations. So I recorded them all. Missing some QTEs shows Bigby getting wounded, but the fight still continues, other QTEs will give you a game over screen if you didn't complete them. Lastly, there are a couple of QTEs that literally have no difference whether you press them or not.

By the way, don't click these links if you have not completed Episode 1 and 2.

The Woodsman



Enjoy. I will be updating this thread as further episodes come out.


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    An absolutely stunning effort! Now I just want to go back and play the game even more!! Bah, can't believe we've gotta wait now
    for another episode, I honestly love this game <3

  • Beast video, at 2:21

    I knew this blow couldn't be blocked

  • Kinda wish that the fights would be more punishing to the player, I know that Telltale games focus more on story rather than challenging gameplay. But sometimes I wish they would put more effort in their fight scenes, to really feel like you are fighting for your life instead of casually pressing buttons and pulling triggers, in which they give you so much time to do so. In my opinion, that is.

  • i watched what i've never watched b4 :D .. thanx for ur great effort

  • Thanks all.

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